How A Sleep Routine Can Increase Mental Wellness

Everyone has mental health. This was a simple sentence that changed my life. What does healthy is hot mean to you? For me, it means a holistic approach to my health and for the last few months, there have been a lot of moments when it meant being healthy meant focusing on the inside. Lately, being healthy has started with my brain.

As someone who has had experiences with ups and downs in my mental health, I believe in regularly checking in on my mental health.

Sometimes this can be as simple as taking stock of what you are feeling and some areas that could be improved. After my most recent look, I recognized an important area that could use some work was my sleep. I was reading an article about Ariana Huffington’s life when I was reminded of the impact sleep had on both mental and physical health.  

There is no shortage of research when it comes to the connection between sleep and health. Physical effects of sleep deprivation can include everything from a suppressed immune system to hypertension and obesity.

The mind-body connection can also suffer from a lack of sleep, we can be more likely to overreact, see degradation on our emotional intelligence and even cause an impact on mental health issues.

I’ve never worked well on low sleep – in all honesty, I am not a very nice person if I haven’t had enough of it. In order to provide clarity during early mornings and still have energy to make time for my social life, I decided to put an emphasis on my sleep routine. I set a general bedtime of 9-10 p.m. each night and I make sure my sleep environment is one that prepares me to drift off easily.

I often get into bed before I’m ready to sleep and focus on things that will help me wind down. This means writing in my five-minute journal about my day, trading my phone for a book, lighting a candle and spraying a deep sleep pillow spray. The quiet atmosphere gives me a feeling of calm and disappearing into a story helps me from overthinking the events of my day.

After a few months of following my sleep routine, I’ve found it easier to get up in the morning, even during winter – a fairly tough time for me. I’ve also noticed I have more energy and a more restful night when I take the time to wind down.

What do you do for a better night sleep? Let me know in the comments below!