Health & Fitness Inspirations

Entering the world of health and fitness can be incredibly daunting. These days, we have the wonderful world of the internet that gives us many platforms to find different types of help on how to get started with eating healthier, how to work out more effectively and so on. It’s all good and dandy until we’re hit with that overwhelming feeling.

Although having a ton of information accessible to us is amazing, it’s also stressful. There are so many different pieces of advice, different sciences as to why you should eat what or how you should work out, different views and different lifestyles. That’s where you probably begin to start questioning everything.

“What’s best for me?”

“Why does this article say this food is good for me and then someone else says it’s not going to help?”

“The article I read 2 days ago said I can spot target areas I want to lose weight and now I know I can’t. Whaaaat?!”

The questions go on and on and on. Trust me, I get it. I was there not too long ago in 2015 and I’ve learned a lot.

So you’re right – there is a lot of information out there and a lot of it is conflicting. People have very strong opinions and a lot of people think their way is the only way to health and/or fitness. I knew this before and it was ingrained in me even more after I got incredibly ill, but, we are individuals when it comes to our health and fitness!! What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. We each deal with our own demons whether it be an illness, an allergy, an injury and so forth.

Best advice before starting any specific diets or exercise if you are really new to this is to make sure you talk to your health practitioner to make sure you have the go-ahead. This is even more important if you have any health issues. You never want to take anyone’s online advice to the general public if you have any issues. Sometimes our bodies don’t work the same way as someone who has no health issues to worry about. Only you know yourself best and your doctor(s). Should you ever also get someone’s “meal plans” or “work out plans”, take it to your doctor(s) to make sure it’s not under-feeding you or go against any medications/issues you may have.

Being careful about the information you’re being told is key. That’s the main thing I’ve learned. While some accounts are led by people who look insanely amazing aesthetically, it doesn’t mean their advice is healthy, scientifically sound or safe. I’ve stumbled upon quite a few influencers in the fitness community I loved that ended up selling cookie-cutter meal plans that were based on a lot of chemical-packaged foods and between 1200-1400 calories a day. Most of these people never went to school for nutrition or have studied the body so they’re sharing information they use for themselves and passing it onto others. Basically, entering that part of Instagram/internet is very “enter at your own risk” and “use at your own risk” type of content.

During my very long (and ongoing) recovery from Cushing’s disease, I still kept up with the accounts I followed. I learned a lot about healthy bodies during my illness/early recovery periods from my own struggles and began to learn more while studying nutrition. I went on to unfollow a lot of accounts and now I only follow a select few. Out of the few I stayed following, these are 3 strong, empowering and educating women, each exuding their passion for the field of work they chose to do.

Caroline Tusiuk

You may recognize Caroline’s name from Nicole’s post, “How I Get Sh*t Done: Caroline Tusiuk”. Caroline is someone I’ve been following for quite a bit of time and I’ve always loved her approach to everything. She’s incredibly educated and passionate about helping others achieve their best health possible. She’s also kind, honest and approachable. Added bonus: she’s a fellow Canadian babe!

Caroline posts everything from foods she’s eating, to workouts she’s doing, and supplements that help with balancing out everything internally. She also has hormone guides that deal with diet and exercise. I’m currently doing one of her hormone balancing guides along with a recipe book she just released and I’m loving it! She always answers any questions followers have and she’s overall someone incredibly trustworthy and great at what she does!

Check out Caroline’s holistic approach to health on her Instagram

Hannah Bower

I haven’t followed Hannah for a super long time, I actually stumbled upon her Instagram one day and I knew I just had to follow her. Pregnant Healthy is Hot babes, you’ll be happy to hear Hannah is also pregnant with her first child so she’s posting a lot of pregnant-friendly workouts! As always, check with your doctor first before following any of her advice!

Hannah went to university for health and exercise science and specialized in sports medicine and she also has certification as a personal trainer. She posts her workouts with explanations and science behind why something is being done. In the short amount of time I’ve followed her, I’ve learned a lot about specific exercises and the body.

You can check out Hannah’s website here

Melissa Ramos

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.06.25 PM.png

Melissa Ramos is another Canadian babe who focuses on holistic nutrition as well for healing. You may or may not have seen her on CTV’s “The Social” doing health segments with the ladies. She also specializes in hormonal health while using many traditional Chinese medicine methods. Although she doesn’t really post many fitness specific posts, she’s a huge advocate for moving your body in whichever way getting movement in feels great for you.

Melissa also has a group called “Sexy Lady Balls” (your ovaries) where she helps hundreds of women with their hormonal issues. If you want to learn more about Melissa and what she does, check out her website here and her Instagram here

Is there anyone you’re inspired by for health and/or fitness? Let us know below!