How I Get Sh*t Done: Madison Pizer

Do you ever look at a successful person and think “how in the world do they get it all done in one day?” Well here at Healthy is Hot, so do we which is why we have created the “How I Get Sh*t Done,” series! We’re featuring YouTubers, ambassadors, entrepreneurs, bloggers and more on how they kick ass in the working world every single day!


Madison Pizer is probably one of the busiest 22-year-olds you’ll ever meet. Her passion for fashion has taken her down many avenues, working in merchandising at Aritzia, and creating her own jewelry line; there seems to be no slowing her down! Healthy is Hot sat down with the creator of The1074 to talk about how she gets her sh*t done, just days after launching her spring line! 

Tell me how you started The 1074
I launched The 1074 the same day I was presenting my final, year long, school project. I originally started making chokers for myself, my co-workers & friends and it took off! 

Why jewelry? 
I kinda fell into it! I have always appreciated handmade things and jewelry was something I had complete control over! I have such a creative eye and I love coming up with fun pieces for new collections. 

You also work in retail at Aritzia, how do they compare?
I work within product at Aritzia which involves logistics & merchandising, so it’s great to see from a business perspective how a company handles that side of things. It has definitely helped me when it comes to all the little things my business needs work on. 

How do you juggle working two jobs in the fashion industry? 
I always tell people I have two full-time jobs. Whether I’m travelling or hanging out with friends, The 1074 is always on my mind. If I go to a cool restaurant, I need to make sure I take photos to post for content on my Instagram and etc. With Aritzia, I work day shifts and then make sure I have time for making the orders at night. Right now, it’s a pretty great balance!

So it’s your average day- what’s your morning routine like?
My morning routine Monday-Friday could involve me rushing out the door to make it to work on time. A quick 5 min makeup routine, a frozen smoothie for the road and grabbing a coffee at the mall I’m at! Saturday’s and Sunday’s include breakfast in bed while catching up on YouTube videos from my fav Youtubers! 

What’s your bedtime routine? 
Skincare, skincare, skincare! I probably spend way too long on lathering my face most times! I always make sure I have lemon water at my bedside and a candle lit! 

How do you unwind?
Working out actually makes me become less stressed and relieves any anxiety for me! I workout at least 4 times a week and at night I love to stretch and practice free flow yoga & meditation! 

What’s your workspace look like?
It’s a mess... not going to lie! I have stuff everywhere. But I know where everything is, lol! I try to make sure I clean it at least once a week so it doesn’t build up too much.

You have this energy about you, what keeps you so positive? 
Staying healthy and living life makes me happy. There are so many things I haven’t even done yet that I’m so excited to experience! I love art and fashion and it’s ever changing so there’s always something new to discover. 

What do you do for exercise? How do you enjoy being active?
I love lifting weights! I’ve recently incorporated more cardio into my workout though because I have been steadily only lifting weights for a while. 

How do you combine creativity and health in your life? 
Having a great gym outfit helps me feel good when I workout, and when I do workout, it helps clear my mind for new ideas for my line!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far? 
Definitely, you can’t please everyone. My idea could be so completely different from another’s, so having an open mindset is key

What’s one thing you want people to know about your brand? About you as a person? 
I want people to know that I wouldn’t ever craft an item if I wasn’t completely passionate about it. Everything is handmade, and I think in today’s society, we’ve lost the appreciation factor of where items come from. I blame fast fashion for sure. 

How do you see yourself incorporating your love of health and wellness into your own fashion line?                                                                                                                                     I’m adding on an activewear/lifestyle clothing edition to my line due to my love for health and fitness. It will include leggings, crop tops and more!

What does ‘Healthy is Hot’ mean to you?
Healthy is Hot to me, means that being active, having a healthy mind & body is important and attractive. 

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