Writer Spotlight: Joella Almeida

Hey HIH readers! 

I'm Joella, today's Writer Spotlight. I generally dislike talking about myself so this is a lot of effort - anyone feel me? I spent the bulk of my years growing up in Dubai which was both hot but always exciting. I moved to Toronto for university ten years ago and have made it home. I've worked in the startup and corporate space (at non-commercial banks). Growing up I was obsessed with all things HR and branding and pursued them a lot. However as my work experience changed, I got to learn more about the roles I'm good at and changed my own career path away from HR and into Operations, Marketing and Communications. I've done plenty of workshops on Entrepreneurship and have been a huge fan of the female founder movement and can help answer any questions you have about starting your own business. I helped CoFound my last business and get it off the ground and now I'm pursuing something of my own which takes an equally large amount of work. 


When I'm not working, I spend my weekends with friends and family and my very fluffy half rag-doll half mane-coon cat Smokey Robinson. I got involved with Healthy is Hot over a year ago when I saw Chloe make a commitment to her health publicly. I have struggled to be consistent with my workouts for so long that I took away a lesson and did the same. It's been a fun journey getting to learn different workouts that I was capable of and which ones I liked and now have firmly fell in love with Misfit Studio and Studio Lagree. I've long wanted to be an amazing runner but only just started to put in the work to do that having overcome my own fear. I'm very passionate about physiotherapy, yoga and keeping active and I hope to complete a yoga teacher training by this time next year. I will always be available for dog-sitting if you need it! 

If you're interested in accounts of my cat and other animals, food and friends, my social handles are @joellaanne1 and @joellasgrams  and on today's HealthyisHot Instagram, I'll be taking over!