Girlboss Rally LA 2018

Hi, ladies and gents - Daphne here, Founder and Lead at Serotina Media!

Before we get into it, this blog is less about social media and more about entrepreneurship; being your own boss. This can be for your side hustle, main hustle, or in a corporate career. This blog post is a little chick-focused, but you gentlemen can definitely learn something here.

Two weeks back I went to the Girlboss Rally in LA. Reviewing my notes, there was SO much to recap. So, in this week’s blog I’ll be sharing 6 recurring topics.

A few of these points were new ideas to me, whereas others I already felt. What I find most interesting at conferences like these is hearing the concepts or ideas you already know or believe, but understanding them in a new a way - in a way that resonates differently with you. What Oprah calls those “Aha! moments”.

Here are my key takeaways from the #GirlbossRally 2018!

Estimate yourself into the future - Take your (business) mission to the grave.

Have a 100-year plan - it gives you goals to work towards. Yes, that plan will probably change. You and/or your business can and most likely will pivot, multiple times. But at this very moment, you need to see the future of your career or business. There is no start or end with an opportunity. And that brings me to my next point.


Failure is success in progress - “To shine like a diamond, you have to get cut.” - said Uber’s CBO Bozoma Saint John.

*Aha moment.* Everyone talks about failure and how it’s the key to success, but for some reason when we get into a position we consider a failure, we forget it’s part of the process, especially women. Why is that? Probably because we aren’t encouraged to keep up and keep going; more often than not, we’re told to sit down. That’s the opposite of what we should do. Don’t be humble. Don’t sit down. #SorryKendrick. Failure is growth, and businesses are living, breathing things. They don’t just have a start and an end, but also a life in between, which undoubtedly comes with ups and downs. It’s time to get over the little failures and save your energy for the big ones. They are inevitable.

Work your brain muscles. Practice talking about yourself and money, and try getting comfortable with silence.

Confidence, money talk, and silence are 3 things that make most people uncomfortable when talked about, and all three have to be practiced. Confidence is an inner dialogue that some people have louder than others. Both men, women, and those in between need to practice speaking, feeling, and believing in their confidence. Sounds cheesy but start giving yourself compliments instead of criticism for just one week and see how that changes you! I’m on week one…


Same goes for money talk. Get comfortable talking about money. Ask the questions everyone is thinking. Ladies, talk to men about money. Bozoma Saint John said “[men] are making deals you didn’t even know where possible.” I don’t like that fact any more than you do but it's the truth. Men have a leg up in the business world and ladies just have to work it to their advantage. If you can’t beat’ em, learn all their hacks and tips, then join them, then beat them. ;)

Silence. One of my favourite speakers Laura Wasser said two things. Embrace silence and speak low - they’ll lean in. IT’S SO TRUE! First of all, if you just keep talking after you asked for something without giving anyone else the chance to respond, they won’t feel inclined to answer. If you speak low, look them in the eyes and just wait - they have no choice but to respond. No one likes silence but if you can learn to love it, you’ll be that much stronger in any dialogue as an entrepreneur.


Follow that feeling. Trust your gut.

This is one thing my Mama has instilled in me but I don’t think enough people do it. Trust your gut. If you have a bad or good feeling, there is a reason for it. Embrace it and don’t ignore it! I can tell you that every time I ignored a feeling in business it came back up to smack me 10x harder. And it hurts that much more. It was awesome to hear successful women CEOs say those words to young women. I don’t find we hear that enough.


Balance = priorities. This ideal of balance isn’t real - it’s specific to you.

What makes you feel good? That’s what you prioritize. If you prioritize work and nothing is compromised, then that’s your balance. The concept of a work-life balance is not for everyone, and the way you balance is specific to you and your goals, so set your own balance! I know this topic was focused on the Mamas or soon-to-be Mamas in the conference room, but it resonated with me. I work very hard to not bury myself in work but I also love what I do. Some days it feels good to do nothing but work, others it doesn’t and I’m trying to accept the fact that that’s okay too.


Authenticity - The power of an organic online social media community is real.

At Serotina, this is something we truly believe and is how we work with all of our clients. #KEEPSOCIAL BABY. We’re often competing with vanity stats and robots but we do not believe that’s sustainable or necessary. If you, your brand or your business is trying to grow a social community, having fake numbers will only do you a disservice. Those fake numbers are comments on posts or buying followers. Authentic, human-based social communities have real impact. It’s how GOOP started. “Organic [communities] are much more robust than paid [ones]” - Gwyneth Paltrow, CEO at GOOP

Did any of these resonate with you? DM me - let's talk about it!

Xx Daphne Barron