Three Things You Can Do For Your Lymphatic System Today



It may seem obvious, but think about this, anytime a supermodel, fitness junkie, or athlete is photographed, the number one item in their hands is a water bottle. Yup. Healthy encapsulates all aspects of our lifestyle and water encapsulates 96% of the lymphatic system. Being the body’s inner drainage system is a hard job to take on and the lymphatic system needs all the help it can get. Aiming to drink as much water as your body needs will go a long way. That could be 8 glasses, a litre or even two. It totally depends on what YOUR body requires. To know what a comfortable amount is, look for the signs: are your lips always dehydrated? Does your skin often feel dry in random areas, top of the hands, sides of your waist, dryness could be a sign of dehydration.


Dry brushing

A $10-$12 brush goes a long way in your self-care routine. Dry brushing helps stimulate the lymphatic system and wake your body up. It is advisable to do this in the morning as the stimulation resonates throughout your system and you feel more awake after the experience. Most people like to do it before the shower but you can do it after as well. Important reminder: always brush towards your heart as that is where the blood gets purified. Dry brushing has also been credited with reducing cellulite! Woohoo, love a good two for one routine.



The twists and turns in yoga combined with the movement in the body aids the drainage process in the lymphatic system. Even doing just a basic yoga flow about six to ten times gives you enough movement to get your internal system moving. If you can manage a headstand routine or even keeping your legs up on the wall for a variation of stretches of fifteen minutes, it will be able to get the blood flowing in the opposite direction.


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