Writer Spotlight: Catarina Louro-Matos

Hello, fabulous Healthy is Hot readers!

I’m Catarina! I’ve been contributing to Healthy is Hot since it’s launch back in 2016 when Chloe was calling for writers for a special project she was working on. At the time, I was newly diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease so I didn’t feel incredibly “hot”, but I was focusing a lot on my health (mentally and physically) and thought it would be an opportunity to share the multitude of things I had learned in such a short period of time. Chloe was beyond understanding about my illness and knew I wouldn’t always have content to share, so I want to quickly thank her for her patience and allowing me to be a part of this group with so many great writers sharing their stories and knowledge!


My disease was caused by a 4mm tumour on my pituitary gland (in your brain) that secreted excess cortisol, which I had surgery for at the end of January 2017. I am doing so much better these days, not perfect and never will be top notch ever again, but I’m grateful to be here, alive and doing my best each day. If you want to read my full story, you can head on over to my website! I’m now a huge advocate for brain tumours and Cushing’s disease because I refused to let my pain and suffering be for nothing. I chose to share my story as many times as I need to for whoever wants to know what I went through, to help others suffering and to help bring its attention to others so that one day, there may possibly be better research/treatments.

This disease definitely changed me and I have to learn my “new” body all over again at 24/25. It’s exciting in a sense but also physically and mentally draining. I’ve decided to pursue a new career outside of marketing and am venturing into the beauty world! I hope to open my own medispa clinic by the time I’m 30!

When I’m not focusing on my career change, you can find me reading books on books, doing photography, playing with my cat Pitsu, hiking and fitting in time to go to the gym. Be sure to check out my take-over on the Healthy is Hot Instagram where I take you through a day of full self-care and treat yo’ self-moments! You can also always check out my Instagram @catarinaaxo

Enjoy some fun facts below!

1.     Hockey is my favourite sport

2.     Portuguese was my first language. I went to school never having spoke English and my mom says my sponge-brain soaked up all the knowledge and I was fluent with my classmates within 2-3 weeks

3.     3 is my favourite number

4.     Embarrassing: A few weeks ago, I thought I saw Adam Henrique at Lululemon in Hamilton because I didn’t have my glasses. My boyfriend quickly pointed out he was an employee of Lululemon and most definitely not Adam Henrique

5.     Montreal and NYC are my favourite cities to visit

6.     I absolutely love photography

7.     I lovelovelove cats. Obsessed is a better word.

8.     My “resting bitch face” is honestly just my anxiety. I’m nice, I swear!

9.     I’m a go-getter. Once my mind is set, I fight for what I want.

10.   I’ve lived in 6 different cities but moved 10 times!