How I Get Sh*t Done: Jennifer Cassetta

Meet Jennifer Cassetta! She is a clinical nutritionist, celebrity trainer, and 3rd-degree black belt. Her expertise has been featured on The Today Show, E! tv, Marie Osmond, The Doctors and many others! Jennifer travels the world speaking about empowerment and safety, nutrition and fitness. We catch up with Jennifer on a flight to her next work destination, as she takes some time to write down how she gets her sh*t done! 


What’s your favourite thing about teaching self-defense?

I love the connection it brings me to my clients. Whether it's at a large speaking event or a more intimate workshop, I always enjoy meeting with women afterward who want to share their stories with me. Many times survivors of sexual assault tell me their stories or share how the class has inspired them to feel stronger both mentally and physically going forward. I love that teaching people how to defend themselves with their bodies always correlates to an enhanced sense of confidence and wellbeing.  

So it’s your average day- take me through your morning routine (what time do you wake up, what do you do first, breakfast, etc)

 I travel often for work but when I am home, I usually get to work from home. I get up around 7am and my coffee pot has already done its job because I schedule it the night before. There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee to get you out of bed! I feed my cat, read the Skimm and listen to NPR for news, then answer emails before I head to the gym, hot yoga class or a walk along the beach in Santa Monica.


What’s your workplace look like (home, office, etc)?

We have a home office. However, when my husband is home working I usually go to the living room and work instead because he has a lot of conference calls. Other times I like to get out of the house and go to a cafe to work. Right now, I'm working on an airplane!

Tell me what started your passion to empower women through fitness? 

My passion to help people get fit came from my martial arts training. I was receiving so many emotional, physical and spiritual benefits from it myself, that I decided that that is what I wanted to share with the world. I was about 24 years old when I decided to give up the marketing job I had and train people full time. I later went back to school for nutrition and added that to my practice as well as training people privately in martial arts as well.

How do you like to unwind?

With a glass of wine! Haha. Well sometimes, that is true. Mostly, I like to unwind at home while cooking a healthy meal for myself and my husband. We also like to go out to eat and eat outdoors when it's warm.

What’s your go-to exercise when you're crunched for time?

When I'm in a crunch, I will do my own body weight exercise routine in my room or a hotel room. Jumping jacks, punch and kick combinations, push-ups, plank and plenty of squats!

How do you combine your creativity with your passion to encourage people to be their best selves?

I think many entrepreneurs do this on a daily basis. Everything I create, from articles to speeches and videos, I do my best to combine my creativity with my passion. I'm super passionate about teaching self-defense and over the years realized that I had to make self-defense more friendly, more welcoming and more accessible because many people are intimidated by it. That is why I first created Stilettos & Self Defense, my self-defense program for women that has become my signature niche program.   

What’s one thing you want people to know about your brand?

Even though I have helped many people lose weight and keep it off, I actually try hard not to focus on weight with my clients. I do my best to help my clients feel strong, safe and more confident from the streets to the boardroom. In the past, my career focused more on outer strength through fitness training and now my focus is more on emotional strength and nutrition. I still encourage people to stay fit with exercise, especially strength training, but it's not something that I want to spend my time doing anymore. For the past 5 years, I have shifted my energy on speaking to live audiences, providing corporate wellness programming and writing content.

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Be patient. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. I've been working for myself for over 15 years and I am constantly refining, creating, and always still learning.

Who inspires you to be your best self?

So many people inspire me! My husband inspires me to be a better and more generous human. My dad always inspired me to go after my dreams and never give up. My mom inspires me to be a strong, independent woman. Just to name a few... My Instagram feed (@JennCassetta), is only filled with people I find inspirational because of who they are and what they give, not because of how they look. The more gym selfies the less follows from me!

What does “Healthy is Hot” mean to you?

To me, healthy is a holistic state of wellbeing that includes emotional, physically and spiritual fitness. Healthy is hot, is having your shit together in all of those ways!

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