Writer Spotlight: Saverina Scozzari


Holy geez, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a year and a half since my journey with Healthy Is Hot began and there have been as many ups as there have been downs.

Contributing pieces to the #KitchenVirgins series has been the most surreal experience. Cooking was not up my ally when this all came about and frankly I still get nervous in the kitchen. I first connected with Chloe on Instagram as we’re in the same industry and I could relate to her experiences. I loved the concept of Healthy Is Hot. It’s helped me as much as it’s helped you all to try new things and make healthier choices. 

The piece that changed it all for me was my post about clicking the refresh button on life. It’s one of the more personal articles that I’ve written in which I poured out my heart and soul about something we can all relate to. The Healthy Is Hot fam has seen me at my best and my worst so it was important to me to share what I was going through with my mental and physical health. 

Now, things are stable in the health department and I’m slowly regaining my zest for life as I get back to saving new recipes on Pinterest to test out for you all. I am extremely grateful for all of your support and look forward to sharing more.

Thank you x a billion!
Xx Saverina