How I Get Sh*t Done: Mary Young

To CEO and designer Mary Young, lingerie is more than just an article of clothing, but an aspect of self-love. Mary is all about embracing your body and finding confidence in yourself. Her namesake womenswear lingerie and loungewear line perfectly embodies the modern woman’s lifestyle. Healthy is Hot sat down with the Canadian designer to chat about everything from how she juggles her website and social media to why she’s all about quality over quantity.

What began your passion to empower females?

When I began studying lingerie in school at Ryerson University I noticed how skewed the industry was. All advertisements and designs were targeted to one body type and it was extremely exclusive to the majority of women. Realizing that I wasn't the only woman who felt alienated by the industry I decided to do something about it and began my own designs that celebrated the female body in its natural form.

What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love to me is a never-ending journey of learning about oneself, growing to love all the unique traits and not being afraid to celebrate what makes you, you.

You’re a designer for lingerie and loungewear brand, you run an Instagram account, and a YouTube channel, how do you juggle all of these different platforms?

Managing all of the different channels is a challenge in so many ways, not only because there are so many to manage but I also strive to have quality content shared across them all. I always focus on making sure the best content is shared and if that means we aren't posting all the time, that's ok. I really focus on quality over quantity.

So it’s an average day- what’s your morning routine like?

My morning routine can change but on an ideal morning, I go to the gym to kick start my energy, followed by a nice shower and getting ready. I always make time for breakfast, it really is such an important meal, and I will often watch funny YouTube clips while eating to start my day off with a laugh. On my walk into the studio, I grab a matcha latte at my favourite spot, Tokyo Smoke. My main focus is to leave enough time for myself in the morning to not feel rushed or stressed, starting my day at an enjoyable pace is key for a positive, productive day.

What would you rather wear after a long day; loungewear or lingerie?

 In all honesty, I'd wear nothing but the closest I can come to that is lingerie.


What's your bedtime routine?

My bedtime routine can vary again, even though I would love stability. I always make sure I take off my makeup and wash my face, no matter how long or late my day was. I try to write a to-do list for the next day, this doesn't always happen, but when I'm busy I find this is a great way to declutter my mind before I relax and fall asleep. Normally I'll watch a short episode on Netflix or read a few pages of a book to help myself unwind and then it’s lights out, which is usually around 11 pm.

 What's your workspace look like (home, office, etc)?

My studio is a bit messy I have to admit, but mostly because I'm always working on so many things and have a lot on the go. My office has great natural light with big windows and high ceilings. I have plants around to encourage life and a freshness that I truly find I need. Other than that I have a few magazines and books I find inspiring, and you'll often find me listening to a podcast at work.

How do you unwind?

Part of unwinding for me is working out. I have a lot of pent-up energy and one of the best ways to remove that is through physical activity. Another signature unwinding technique for me is to make a really nice dinner, have a glass of wine and watch a basketball game. These actions of taking care of myself and my body allow me to feel centred and at peace.

How do you stay positive (body positive, positive outlook on life) in your own life?

One of the best ways I stay positive is with self-affirmation, both within my internal thoughts and also by speaking aloud to myself. I'll often have conversations with myself in the mirror, referring to myself in the third person too, in a way that I'm my own hype girl. Our minds are extremely powerful and by having a positive mindset amidst everything going on is one of the only ways to keep me afloat.

What do you do for exercise? How do you enjoy being active?

Exercise is really important to me for both my mental and physical health. I normally do cardio or HIIT classes and I love the class culture, I need the motivation of working with others to keep myself inspired to do my best. When the weather is nice, basically 10 degrees, I love running outside and exploring my city. Aside from those standard day to day exercises, I love trying new classes, activities and sports to keep myself excited about being active.

How do you combine creativity with your passion for empowering females?

My creativity is what really inspired me to empower females - my ability to create designs, garments and a space to have women feel comfortable is the fuel behind our mission. To me, the two go hand in hand.

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

The biggest lesson I've learned so far is how resilient the mind and body truly is. Working as a solo entrepreneur is a very demanding job, and even though there were and likely will be many times I want to give up, my ability to keep going to push through surprises me.

What’s one thing you want people to know about your brand? About you as a person?

I hope for people to recognize my brand as more than a company selling products, but truly a brand supporting a mission bigger than products itself. As for me personally, I would want people to know that anything I do or say, I do 100% and put my whole heart into.

What does ‘Healthy is Hot’ mean to you?

To me, Healthy Is Hot means putting your own health, physical, mental and emotional, first is such an attractive quality.

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