Writer Spotlight: Dania Habib


My name is Dania and I am originally from Montreal, Qc, Canada. I work as a freelance translator, editor, and writer and I am currently based in Lima, Peru. As a child, growing up in nature, I remember being active and loving the outdoors. My family would go camping in Prince Edward Island, Canada during the summer and I practiced many sports like softball, swimming, skiing and karate. All these experiences helped shape the woman I am today, and few decades later, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to promote and inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle on my personal blog and as part of the Healthy is Hot team.

Traveling and Mountains

I took my first plane when I was 12 years old, and got bit by the travel bug… Today, I still have the itch. Traveling has taught me independence, empowerment and open-mindedness. I love meeting new people, connecting with different cultures, and tasting new flavors. There is no better way to connect with yourself and nature than heading to the mountains. For me, having my home in a forest on a small hill outside Montreal, teaching skiing in Canada and in Switzerland, and camping and hiking has been crucial to my personal development. I have had the opportunity to hike in incredible places that took my breath away: volcanoes in Peru, the sunrise on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, hiking in Western Canada, or through temples in Nepal and Bhutan. This year I will be hiking Mt. Elbrus in Russia, making this the second peak I will climb from The 7 Summits, which represent the highest point on each of the seven continents.

 Yoga and Meditation

I started practicing yoga about 7 years ago. I have done teacher trainings for Yin and Hatha yoga and continue to learn as I share this practice with others. I teach at a studio in Lima, and during the summer I open group classes at my home studio. I also organize workshops and small retreats. I love being able to share the physical practice of asana, but also meditation and mindfulness. A healthy mind brings many benefits to your daily lifestyle: feeling better in your skin, accepting and loving kindness towards yourself and others, and reducing stress and anxiety. Because like a mountain, we can remain steady no matter what the weather is like.

As I continue to travel the world, I hope to inspire others to embrace and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Through travels, mountain expeditions, yoga and meditation, I share my experiences and tips to help you stand tall like a mountain and live the life you are meant to.