Let’s Get Physical (Outside of the Gym)

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Finally, spring, or should I say Summer? Is upon us – at least in the Toronto area. We had an extremely long winter and needless to say, we’re all probably craving some sunshine and fresh air that doesn’t hurt our faces. 

This beautiful weather we’ve been having (and hopefully you’re having some beautiful days where you are, too) is the perfect excuse to get outside and get active. 

If you’re a gym-goer, you probably know the annoying feeling of the “gym rut”. Where you want to be active, but you’re bored of the gym and unsure of what you could do that would be as effective as going to the gym. 

Now that it’s warmer, we have no excuses to not get outside for different physical activity and there’s a few other things we can try to “spice up” our physical activity. 

1. Boot camps

Boot camps are a perfect way to get a fresh experience in the gym if you’re willing to pay a little extra. A lot of gyms offer boot camps with a personal trainer in smaller groups (4-5 people) and they’re so much fun! You get encouragement from the trainer and guidance on how you can improve certain movements within the circuit to get better results

2. Hiking
Hiking is one of my absolute favourite things to do, especially because photography is one of my many hobbies. I get to be physically active in nature and do my photography – an all around win! Hiking allows you to to soak in the benefits of being in nature all while keeping your heart rate up and seeing beautiful sights. This is also something I do in the winter – it’s a great option all year around!

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3. Yoga at home!
Yes, you heard right. If you’ve ever thought about getting into yoga but it was a bit much financially for you, you can always do it at home. All it requires is you creating a space where you can practice. In the summer/early fall, I like to set up space on the deck in the backyard to practice. In the winter/on rainy days, I just do it in my room because my room is my sacred space in the house. 

There are a few yoga accounts on Youtube that you can follow, but my personal favourite is Yoga with Adriene. She has so many different videos that touch on your level of experience (or lack thereof, like me), certain body pains and emotions. Check her out – you won’t be disappointed.

We’d love to hear from you! What are your favourite ways to get exercise in when you’re not in the gym? Drop us a line below!