5 Step Social Media Strategy

Hi HIH Community! Daphne here and we’re talking social media. As you may know, I founded and lead a social media and online marketing house, Serotina Media. We offer a wide range of services from social media management to content creation to #InstagramHustle (what we like to call organic community growth on Instagram #nobots). No matter who the client or the mission, we always keep these 5 points in mind. The team and I have broken down into 5 simple steps. Here you had it ladies and gents; 5 steps to a social media strategy, hacked!



Selling products? A service? Educate? The basics questions. Before you even get started on figuring out your strategy you have to have a clear vision of your goals on your social platform. Are you a business or an individual? Do you wish to push brand awareness, create a community, be the point of reference on a given subject? It can change but you have to start somewhere to get the content going.

We understand this may be the trickiest part – certainly if you are an individual on socials. Knowing your narrative is the key to creating an engaged community, however pin-pointing exactly what you want to share can be difficult. Trust us, even members of our team are constantly re-evaluating their online narrative. It is similar to you basically trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. Keep in mind, you don’t need to have just one narrative. It can be sharing a healthy lifestyle: eating right, being active, being conscious of your consumption, making efforts to buy the right products, along with your favourite restaurants to indulge in or your favourite coffee shops.

If you’re a business, your narrative is pretty straightforward – Create an engaged community and brand awareness that results in customer acquisition. Just be sure to be your authentic selves and to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


The most important thing about socials (besides bomb content) is consistency. You have to be realistic about the number of times you can post a week. Minimum 3 times per week. This allows you to be posting enough that your followers are still seeing you on their feed, and it also more realistic if your socials don’t pay the bills and you have a full-time job, or if you’re still not sure your narrative thus you don’t want to go overboard. Better yet, if you can get 2 posts a week and at least 1 properly curated Instagram story - that’s best. Instagram Stories are running the social game right now but that is a blog in and of itself. (Stay tuned for July’s blog. ;) )

Cool so 3 posts per week, but about what?

A little tip, get some inspiration from other feeds within your target market; their overall feed and certain images you like. Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with pulling inspiration from other pages, it will help you narrow down exactly what you do and don’t want. Not only will it help with content inspiration but it will help you figure out what type of content supports your mission and the type of “vibe” you want.


Come up with a few branded hashtags for you 3 posts per week. Have 1 that’s relevant to your overall mission and then a few that you relate to your themes you’re posting.

Now for the hashtags in the comments… They will become your best friend, not only for the extra likes but exposure to any similar accounts to then follow your page and essentially target your audience. We call these the growth hashtags. Figuring out the best hashtags for certain content is pretty simple with the help from Google. Narrow down the 5 most popular local hashtags that will increase your visibility within your community. Then find 5 local + niche hashtags… These also help grow your exposure within your local community and targets accounts with similar interests that may live right behind you. For example, with a Style account, you would use #TOFashion #TOBloggers #TOStyle or #OOTDTO. The trick with hashtags is to do your research whether on Google, or similar accounts. See which hashtags your favorite accounts are using and then engage with them. Just keep in mind, Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags whether in the caption or in a comment below.


Pre-plan when you’ll post your content. Use alarms on your phone or use a third party software like Sprout Social, Later or Hootsuite. Regardless how you get the posts up, make sure you post at the most optimal times of your market as well as the content type you are posting. Start trying times then track the results. And that brings us to our new point….


Like everything in this world, nothing is set in stone. Sometimes performance fluctuates, sometimes content you think your following is going to engage with isn’t successful. You must be monitoring your strategy and most importantly willing to “fail” and then adjust. As long as you have good content, a strategy behind your socials, and a strong authentic narrative you’ll see results! But if you aren’t, you know where to go for some help… Seriously... Don’t be shy to contact us! We loveeee discussing anything and all things social!

The real secret (not such a secret) is staying consistent! The important thing when trying to create a community is to be engaging with like-minded individuals, this will help grow your following. Spend 15 minutes a day looking at the people you admire, comment and like. Be genuine. If you like the person’s sneakers and want to know where they’re from, ASK! Then check out who they’re following and engage with those accounts. You would be surprised at the little communities you can create just by engaging with accounts. #KEEPSOCIAL

DM us @serotinamedia, my personal account @loveyourselfxx  or send us an e-mail info@serotinamedia.com. The team and I LOVE talking social so hit us up!

XX Daphne Barron