Clean Up Your Skincare

I had the chance to have a sit down with Raquel Wing, founder of The Clean Hub, and we talked about how to help clean up your skin care routine and keeping your healthy glow from the inside out.  The Clean Hub is based out of the UK, but many of her podcast guests are North American (even from Toronto), and she touches on topics such as CBD oil in your beauty products, reusing coffee grinds for skincare products versus tossing them in the trash, what ingredients to avoid, what to support, chats with clean beauty brands and the list goes on…


As the name suggests The Clean Hub (TCH) is a hub of information for consumers and founders!

What is The Clean Hub and who can benefit from it?
TCH is a virtual platform that provides an ecosystem for clean and natural beauty stakeholders. 
If you are a natural clean beauty business we give you mentorship, business information on how to grow your business, networking opportunities through podcasts and experts in the field, and we have a retail partner in the UK (Pure Spa & Beauty) where your products can be featured and sold.

As a consumer you learn about clean beauty, so what it is and what kind of community is out there. We also give you resources about “dirty ingredients” which are masked in some products and can be really harmful. While learning about all these brands you also have the opportunity to purchase products and support the clean beauty brands and what they stand for. 

What sparked your passion for clean beauty?

 I always thrived to live a natural life growing up but struggled to know what it was to be healthy or what to look out for. When I was growing up this topic wasn’t as mainstream as it is today, we weren’t as educated on harmful ingredients that were in our food or products.
There was a shift when I hit my 20s. I started to be more aware of what healthy was so I ate better, I was exercising, and overall living a healthier life. This is also when I started to realize that there was more to health than just the eating and exercising. I had acne from the age of 13 into my 20s and although I was healthier, that acne was still present and it’s because I wasn’t paying enough attention to my skin and its needs.

I went to mac to buy a foundation to cover the cystic acne and the girl who worked there said it looked more like an allergic reaction! I was pretty shocked to hear that so I went home and made a spreadsheet with all the ingredients in the products I was using. I wanted to see what it was I was reacting to because I did have some reactions to some products such as shampoo. After researching a few of the ingredients were toxic and skin disrupters. Turns out, this was the norm for essentially all the products I was using. I slowly transitioned to natural beauty products and started to learn about gut health which took time but lead me to live a clean lifestyle and switching to clean products. 

What are the products you can’t live without?
- A good face scrub is a must. Josh Rosebrook has a really nice scrub, although a bit high on the price range.          
- Oil-based cleanser. I double wash my face with the same oil-based cleanser. I use the PURE Clean & Glow Cleansing Oil.
- Soft all natural toner, Indie Lee has a nice toner.
- Moisturizer, Tata Harper is one of my favourites when it comes to moisturizers.
- A nice serum around my eyes.

Alba is an affordable and a clean brand available in Canada (and can often be found in Winners). Province Apothecary is a Canadian company that has a nice range of products if you are looking for a local brand. As long as you do your research and look at the ingredients you will see a difference.

Let's talk about gut health… is there a correlation between gut and skin?

Without a doubt, yes! I am not a Doctor, but after doing my own research, taking action, and doing a parasite cleanse I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. We are only starting to learn about what the gut can offer us. We now know it impacts our mental health and physical health, it's not just about digesting food. With the fact that we eat so many processed foods there will be an impact on stress levels, and overall mental state, and whatever you eat will correlate to your face. I have incorporated probiotics and kombucha on a daily basis to help increase the good gut bacteria.  You can do so by taking probiotic pills, and by increasing your probiotic-rich foods in your diet. When I started to take gut health seriously, I immediately started to see an improvement in my skin health. It’s mind blowing how it’s so closely knit, and its only starting to come to fruition as to how important gut health is.

What should people look out for in products?  

The three main ones I would say to look out for are parabens, PEG, and fragrance/perfumes.
Parabens are known to cause cancer, so for sure keep an eye out for that one. Fragrance or perfume is a proprietary term that formulators can use to hide ingredients, so who knows what’s in there. It could be cancer-causing ingredients that are under fragrance. It’s just worrisome that it can be anything; there is no transparency with that term. 

If you could give your younger self some advice when it comes to skin care what would it be?

 First of all, I would tell myself that skin care is very comprehensive and that products are just part of it. Sleep 7-8 hours a night, drink a lot of water, eat well, and include fermented foods in your diet. I would also say educate yourself on the products. Another thing I would tell myself is to decrease the makeup. I wore a lot to hide the breakouts, but when I wore less my skin started to breathe and get better.

What is your favourite kind of #HIHmoment?

Meditation is when I feel my most healthy. Ideally, I wake up and sit on my couch and practice mindful meditation while using the app HeadSpace. Having a routine is what I find most helpful, and the process of meditating makes my body feel calm, which makes me more inclined to do it regularly. I follow it up with a nice stretch and I’m ready to take on the day. #mindhealthy.

To get more information about The Clean Hub and find some resources on how to clean up your beauty routine make sure to check out their website, or on Instagram at @thecleanhub.

With happy vibes,

MC xx