How Going To The Chiropractor Helped My Digestion

Having digestive issues is as common as having a bad hair day these days, everyone seems to suffer from it and there are several theories and reasons as to why, and most of the “solutions” tend to be dietary changes or adding some sort of pill into your life. Throughout my years of figuring out how to deal with my guts going nuts, I tried to cut out dairy, gluten, alcohol, coffee, etc. None of these solutions seem to have a long-lasting effect on me, but rather an immediate relief of the issue.

In September 2017 I had had enough and I needed to get my digestive issues sorted. I had finally been diagnosed with something that could explain why I was losing weight and unable to have solid bowel movements…pinworms. Yep, super cute I know. Pinworms are (gross) tricky to diagnose, and I had to push to get a parasite test because my doctor hadn’t thought of it, but we had done everything else. I work with kids and spend a lot of time in the Ottawa river so its not actually that far-fetched.

I took the magical pills (serious antibiotics) and felt horrible. I had nausea after almost every meal, and most of the time cramping and overall unease. At this point in my life I hadn’t discovered the magic of probiotics yet, so I hadn’t been replenishing my good bacteria properly after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics are amazing and life saving, I am not saying otherwise, but you need to replenish that flora after a course of antibiotics just as you would shower after the gym.
I did some research after coming to terms with not wanting to mask the symptoms, but cure the cause of my continuing digestive issues. I opened the laptop and started to google how to cure digestive issues and discovered several articles on how going to a Chiropractor can help with digestive issues. Admittedly, I had never been to the Chiropractor before and I was a bit confused as to why cracking some bones would help with my digestion, little did I know I was about to get schooled. I did more research and found out that there is an area in your spine that is directly linked to your digestion. Obviously the spine is very important in communicating with the brain, I knew that much, and then things just started to click that if there was congestion in this specific area in the spine then the messages weren’t being properly relayed from tummy to brain. Mind blown.

I looked up a near by Chiropractor in my hometown of Ottawa and booked an appointment for later that week at the Somerset Health and Wellness Clinic with Dr.Melanie Stewart. I had talked to her about all my digestive worries, and the research I had done (she was impressed by my rambling on the topic…I think). She validated my thoughts and confirmed that in fact chiro can in fact help with digestive issues! Not only can it help, but also it can solve the issues, and that to me was the best news.

She proceeded to do a full body scan and we discovered a few other areas that needed some chiropractic love, but she did confirm that the specific area that communicated gut to brain was in fact very congested.
We started with an adjustment during that initial consultation where we were going to work on my hips, my shoulder blades, and that mid back area that was linked to the digestion. I wish I could be more specific as to the terminology, and the chiropractor did an amazing job explaining it. Another very important note I made was how much communication was happening between the chiropractor and myself during the treatments. She was always preparing me for what was coming next, and explaining what would happen and how I would feel so there were no surprises.

I was on a “once a week” schedule with her to sort this out. After a few sessions, I was already noticing a huge difference in my digestion, but also my sleep, my posture, and my overall wellbeing. I walked to work (or skated down the canal weather permitting) and even that 15-minute walk felt better on my body than before.
I was lucky that the clinic I was going to was a Wellness Clinic which also had Naturopathic Doctors and my Chiropractor recommended me to go see one and get another opinion. Although I didn't go to as many sessions as I would’ve wanted to I did get a lot of answers from him, and he put me on some probiotics. I had never taken probiotic pills before and that combined with everything else I was doing for my body is when I saw some great improvements.\

I’m not saying that going to the chiropractor is the magic ingredient to getting a perfect digestive system. I went to a naturopath and my family doctor throughout this process to get as many answers as possible, but the more help you can get the better! It’s all about taking a holistic approach to your health, and not just relying on one method. I can’t stress enough how important your gut health is, it affects your whole body and is such a diverse complex system that we are just starting to discover. I encourage you all to do some research, ask questions, and make sure you are feeding or healing your gut appropriately.

With happy vibes,