Writer Spotlight: Kirsti

My name is Kirsti and I’ve been part of the HIH family for almost six months!

Obviously you are here because you may want to know a bit more about me – so here it goes: If I had to be a Disney princess, I would pick Belle because I love to read and am a big believer in always learning something new. I LOVE to cook and have been planning to be an adult since I was five so that I could host dinner parties.

Outside of my friends and family, the most important thing in my life is travelling. I love exploring new countries, meeting new people and learning new cultures. I believe that travel is one of the greatest experiences you can have and I have grown as a person every time I have gone somewhere new.  

I originally went to school for biomedical science but ended up doing public relations after some retrospection during my early twenties. Most of my working life so far has been spent in student affairs at a college. Although my goals include being successful in life and living comfortably, the most important thing to me is being able to make a difference for people.

I spent most of my time at university eating vast amounts of chicken fingers and drinking on patios. After a few years, I realized how unhealthy I felt and really committed to bettering myself both mentally and physically. For me, my #healthyishot moments have been a journey – sometimes they are better than others. I often tune into the HIH Instagram to inspire myself when I need some extra motivation or a reminder that I will feel better after I get moving.


My favourite way to sweat at the moment is in a hot yoga class, especially if it has a great intention attached to it. I also like to try new classes to keep things interesting. I am constantly inspired by all the things the Chloe and the HIH family get up to and I’m really happy to be a part of the journey!

Feel free to follow @kirstimcnabney for photos of food, fun, and travel! And, tune into Healthy is Hot Instagram stories to see what I get up to in a day.