Discovering Your Soul Signature

Do you have passion, purpose, and joy - all at the same time? Or if you do, are you looking for more clarity when it comes to what your soul is truly made of?

That’s where Panache Desai’s book - Discovering Your Soul Signature can help!

Say hello to another HIH book review! (I found it on clearance at Indigo ages ago by synchronistic events, and it’s truly an impactful read) 🙌🏼

This book is similar to the May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein review I did a few weeks ago, except it’s a 33 day (rather than 42 day) daily dedication to figure out what isn’t working and recommit to yourself in a brand new way!

The intro is so amazing- confirming that if the book calls to you it can be a wonderful tool to add to your spiritual tool belt. He says:

“After all, there comes a point when you finally have to be good enough for you. You being you is the blessing. You being you is the miracle. You being you is enough. You being you is your soul signature.”

YES! So let’s dive into the general summary of what you can expect if you pick up a copy:

1/ Each day presents a new topic - with the first two weeks having a focus on the harder darker themes such as fear, shame, triggers, shattering inner sabotage, to name a few. After that, the last couple weeks center around upliftment with topics such as harmony, be the change, love, being human, gratitude. This contrast is set up well to evaluate the different facets of life - the good and the bad. Very key 👌🏼

2/ The days themselves are broken up into a morning, noon, and night segment - bringing accountability and something to look forward to at those three major intervals.

3/ What I love is that it’s only a 2 page read for each segment - so super easy to take 5 minutes (three times a day) of stillness to integrate the theme of the day!

I’ll end this review with a small excerpt from Day 12 all about triggers:

“People spend much of their lives running away from people who trigger them - but I run toward them. I jump into environments where I’m triggered because it’s the only way to authentically dissipate these energies.”

“In being triggered, you are being given the opportunity to grow. Instead of tensing up, shutting down, gritting your teeth, grinning and bearing it, what would happen if you were to simply remain open to what this trigger is telling you about yourself?” 

All in all, this book is full of gems and always a handy reference to have (even past the 33 days) when you feel any emotion, the lows, and the highs! It will stay on my bookshelf for a while, and perhaps yours too.


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