Incorporate Mindful Meals with Impact Kitchen

After the brief introduction to biohacking I started thinking about where in Toronto you could go to maximize this ability without too much planning.

Quick recap: biohacking is the intentional process of hacking biology to maximize the best healthy options for yourself).

I've personally been a fan of hacking my smoothies for a while now by adding superfoods, adaptogens, and supplements to enhance the bioavailability of the ingredients in them but it certainly takes planning. Doing it with smoothies is just the beginning though. Incorporating it throughout your lifestyle requires mindful eating.

Mindful eating, just as the name suggests implies being mindful of what you are consuming.

So naturally, on my search into the easiest and most convenient way to get-er-done, I came across, tested and recommend Impact Kitchen. Now before you go, “oh but they're all the way on the east end”, I've got news for you! Impact kitchen has a new fast-casual location on Brant St and Adelaide that serves up the best of the best. Gotta get that #newnew and checking all the boxes, they offer alternative protein sources, grass-fed,  hormone free and no refined sugars. Not to mention super options like maca, plant-based protein, collagen and more as part of their menu or add-ons. How easy is that!

Photo by Jordan Snowie

Photo by Jordan Snowie

“Ever since we opened the doors of our first location, our customers have been traveling from all across the city to join us at the table,” says co-founder Josh Broun. “Expanding to the west side was a natural progression, allowing us to serve our growing customer base the wholesome food they love every day, without the commute.” Think farm-to-table though because they also source much of their produce locally!  

#goodthingsgrowinontario right?

They've thought of everything here including seed-based protein, vegan options, non-dairy options, and adding microgreens into their salads as well.

Photo by Jordan Snowie

Photo by Jordan Snowie

But what are microgreens you ask?

Microgreens include the leaves, stems that are part of the complete green vegetable profile in basil, arugula, broccoli, cilantro and more. All the tiny leaves containing vital nutrients are included in their fibrous strands.

Mindful eating also incorporates being aware of the source of your groceries and the impact you have on food consumption. Sometimes, to our detriment, attaining all these high-value sustainable impact options come at an unfamiliar price point. To help the situation, look forward to Impact Kitchens’ educational info events that are coming soon.

You'll notice a lot of athletes and fitness buffs are already on board but don't let that intimidate you. Co-founder Josh Broun, a certified nutritionist, says “any of the salads are the perfect introduction” to mindful eating and you don't have to bat an eyelash. In true responsible fashion, the kitchen adheres to the most sustainable of measures right from the get-go incorporating them in both packaging and kitchen habits.  

So why? Why now, and why here?

Since opening their first location in Corktown in 2015, interest in their menu options continued to grow month after month. Impact Kitchen has become a place to see and be seen while connecting with friends over a coffee, salads, or even a delicious baked goodie. Together with an in-house nutritionist, Impact Kitchen’s chef and kitchen team create a continually evolving menu that remains ahead of the curve in food and beverage trends. Impact Kitchen is the place to see it first. The simple reason, however, is that the folks at Impact (Josh and fellow co-founder Frank Toskan) wanted to dedicate their entrepreneurial endeavors to impact the community and what better way to do that than contributing to a healthy lifestyle!

It so happens that is exactly what we're about on Healthy is Hot too!! Armed with the knowledge that is embedded in their mission statement, “Food has the power to change lives”, it was a no-brainer to highlight the good these folks are about and discuss how “Food is Fuel” through their menu. It appears they have the perfect menu options to bio-hack your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Check out Impact Kitchen at the northwest corner of Adelaide and Brant.

My personal favorites are:

The Beet Beauty Latte

It comprises of beet juice, collagen, Rosewater, cardamom, honey, vanilla and almond milk

Warning: It might look too pretty to drink, brace yourself.

The Bone Broth

Literally the root solution to an unhealthy day. So invigorating, energizing and keeps you feeling nourished all day! It also prevents you from getting sick by promoting a healthy immune system.

Warning: You may feel like a superhero.

Restore Smoothie (with added whey protein)

This was a game changer and felt like a complete meal. I was so satisfied that I actually didn't have any snack cravings and was able to have a light, late dinner.

Warning: You may feel ambitious enough to conquer several Classpass classes in a day.