How I Get Sh*t Done: Jessica Tyler

Best known for her role as Jenna Middleton on the award winning television series Degrassi, Jessica Tyler is a recent graduate in Public Relations has has since started her own blog! Jessica is all about speaking the truth. In her blog she speaks to the every day struggles women face in society, while taking pride in being a mental health and body-positive advocate. Healthy is Hot sat down with Jessica to talk all about her latest projects and why body positivity is so important in her world. 

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Most of us know you from your role as Jenna Middleton on Degrassi, but that was a while ago and I'm sure you're up to new ventures! Tell us what you're currently working on. 

 Since completing Degrassi I was lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling. I visited a little bit of Europe, traveled to Belize, backpacked through Australia and most recently Thailand. I’ve since graduated in the Public Relations program at Durham College, and have created my own personal blog in correlation to my Instagram account, JessicaTylerOfficial. Showcasing the reality behind the entertainment industry, and speaking to the every-day struggles of being a woman in today's society, I pride myself in standing as a body positive and mental health advocate. Much like any other recent graduate I am job hunting as if it is my job. I’m excited to see where the next few years will take me! 

Are you still working on your music? Tell us a little about that. 

Truthfully, I haven’t written a song in a while. Admittedly, I think I became a little jaded after my experience in the music industry. I’m very thankful that I was able to have the experiences that I did, but it’s a tough industry to come out of. I began writing music as an outlet for my emotions, a musical diary if you will, so I’d love to get back to that place. I do still enjoy playing guitar up north at my friends’ cottages by the campfire though, that’s my happy place.  

Just one look at your Instagram and you can see self-care and body positivity are huge themes, why is it important for you to spread these messages to your fan base? 

In today's society, so much of what is considered beautiful is based on appearance. So often we forget that being kind is beautiful, being smart is beautiful, being a good friend is beautiful – and none of that has anything to do with the way we physically look. It is easier than ever to compare ourselves to each other, especially through social media, so I strive to be someone that women can relate to instead of comparing to. I’m not a size two, but I also don’t have an hourglass figure. My body type isn’t one that is often celebrated, but I’m trying to change that. All bodies should be celebrated.  

It's your average day - what's your morning routine look like?

On a good day, my morning starts with a run. I’ll make myself a smoothie and either head to the gym or go outside and get my body moving. Running helps me clear my mind – I wouldn’t say I’m that great of a runner though, I have to stop every now and again to catch my breath, but I feel great when I’m keeping active and that’s all that matters to me. 

How do you like to unwind?

The ocean makes my soul smile. I’m not a big swimmer, but there is just something about being by the ocean that makes my entire being feel at peace. Fresh air does wonders. If not the ocean, going up north to visit a friend’s cottage is always an unwinding experience for me. Sipping some vino by the lake watching the sunset? Count me in! 

How do you like to stay active? 

Boxing is my favorite workout. I’ll train one-on-one with a buddy of mine who is a professional MMA fighter - the ultimate workout! But when I can’t get in the ring, running or simple weight training at the gym works for me. I’ve never been someone who can follow a diet, or cut out my favorite foods, so keeping active is very important to me. I like to look at keeping active as a way of celebrating the things my body can do! 

How do you stay scheduled in your busiest of days? 

I live by my calendar. I have a physical day planner in my room that I’m constantly filling in.  

What's your bedtime routine like?

If I have the time, I really enjoy taking a bath before bed and reading my book. I swear by coconut oil as my moisturizer. I’ll lather up in it from head-to-toe before I sleep. My skin always feels so smooth in the mornings! 

You post a lot of inspirational quotes on your social media, what's your favourite quote so far? 

Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.” 

How do you bring creativity into your work and everyday life?  

I think it's important to establish a hobby. For many of us, work is just work. So having something on the side that fuels your soul and keeps your creative juices flowing is important. Currently, for me, it’s my blog. I love getting all sorts of inspired by a song I hear, or a story I’ve heard, or a conversation I’ve had with a friend. Much of what I talk about in my blog posts speak to my everyday experiences. Sharing my stories makes me smile.     

What's one thing you want people to know about you? About your brand?

If there is one thing I want people to know me for it is my openness. I think my friends can speak to that. I pride myself on sharing my humanness, my realness, and my truth. We are not meant to be perfect, so why pretend that we are? I think sharing your imperfections is a very commendable thing.  

What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

Healthy is Hot – yes! This is everything. I have always said that as long as you are being the best version of yourself that you can be, the rest will fall into place. When you treat your body and your mind with respect, wonderful things happen. I used to work out and try crazy diets because I was obsessed with my appearance. But now, I try to focus on what keeping active and eating healthy does for my health, rather than just my body image. No one of us is made the same - we all have different genetics, and each of our bodies has a place where they naturally like to be. It’s important to remember that you can be a healthy, active person, and still not have a six pack of abs.

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