Even Your Fitspo Gets Insecure

When I started this journey, and I call it that because it has been a slow, uphill climb, I thought all my problems would be solved. I started taking my health and wellness more seriously and finally pushed myself to begin working out a year ago. As I started seeing the pounds melt away and noticed more tone and definition I thought “This is it, I’m cured,” but I quickly learned that wouldn’t be the case. I have always been a perfectionist, chronically hard on myself, and known to compare myself to everyone and anyone I see, so as I began to change my body I assumed that all the self-doubt would melt away with my extra pounds, I was wrong. As I quickly discovered through social media, there would always be someone skinnier, prettier and more toned than me, so how could I ever feel whole if I was constantly comparing myself to others? One day as I felt myself obsessing over another girl’s legs on Instagram and thinking, will I ever look like that? Is this even worth it? I realized I had to get over my constant need to compare and start taking time to look inward and what’s actually going on.

First things first, you have to realize you are not alone in this feeling, everyone compares themselves to others, whether it’s friends, strangers passing by or the Instagram models we all know too well, we all have that voice that never ceases to remind us we are less than. Through my journey, I have developed a few strategies to help silence this little voice and become at peace with my body and where I am in my personal journey. If you’ll allow me, I’d love to share them with you…

-    Adopt a mantra: talking to yourself can be uncomfortable but adopting a mantra is a great way to help teach your brain not to listen to the nasty voice that says you aren’t good enough. The best part is that your mantra is specifically designed for you by you, repeating this phrase while you look in the mirror, take a shower, or workout can help you focus more on what’s going on inside and less on what’s going on around you. Whether it’s a word or a sentence, a mantra can help you cultivate positive energy around yourself.

-    Stay in your lane: through social media, we have become prone to focusing on all the beautiful, well-lit moments people put forward and focus less on what’s going on behind the scenes. When you feel negative thoughts come up, re-focus that energy on yourself. Staying focused on your goal, your timeline and your energy will go much further than wondering what she does to make her abs look so good in that picture.  Remember that social media is a highlight real, no one ever posts the bad days!

-    Take a vacation:  a social media vacation that is! When it’s all feeling a little too much, take a break, put the phone down, delete the apps, whatever you have to do to get in a better headspace. I’ve adopted social media free Sundays, where I delete all those pesky apps right off my phone to help drown out some of that noise. Imagine all the things you could get done when you aren’t spending hours scrolling through Instagram!


All in all, I want our Healthy is Hot fam to remember that we all have our own struggles, everyone just wants to feel great in their own skin. Stay positive and be kind to yourself while you embark on your own journey!