How To Stay On Track In New Environments

Hi beautiful HIH family!

As I write this I am in a cute little coffee shop in the Mission District of San Francisco seated in front of a big floor-to-ceiling window with the best seat in the house for people watching. Observing the way people interact with each other and with the world has been ingrained in me from my psychology days at McGill University; it’s amazing the number of observations you can make if you simply take the time to absorb what’s going on around you. Some people look rushed, hurrying to their next location, others baffle me with their ability to have their eyes focusing solely on the phone in their hands rather than where they are walking, there are a few people out for jogs or coming from a fitness class of some sort and then there are a select few who are walking and look to be 100% present in the moment. It’s a tricky thing, being present. Admirable for sure, but tricky. 

At this moment, I am trying to be present. Appreciating where I am, where I was a short 48hours ago and the fact that I am finally taking a few days off in a new city to unplug, recharge, get silly and not wear TV makeup (I swear my skin just released a big sigh of release for the freedom). 

My last assignment for Etalk was to head to Quebec City to cover their Festival D’Ete de Quebec, a festival that is in its’ 51st year and welcomes 90,000 fans each and every night to their main stage. This year they had some of the biggest names in music descend there: The Weeknd, Neil Young, Shawn Mendes, Foo Fighters, and Beck to name a few! Not only was I heading back to the place I was born, but I got to freshen up my French skills, interview up and coming artists and soak in an incredible music festival with more people than I’ve ever seen in one sitting. The power of music festivals is that it brings people together, to spend time outside, to be touched by the tunes and to enjoy the few summer months we have before winter returns to say hello. 

Being on the road for work is the ultimate treat. And it’s where I believe I do my best work: out in the world with people while they do what they love and my job is to act as a medium to get that magic on camera and to viewers at home so they can feel the passion when they tune in. But being on the road means being away from your own bed, routine, friends and there are plenty of temptations for indulging at every corner. This is why Healthy Is Hot is so much more than a “fad” or something you “try on for size”. HIH is a movement and it is a way of life. It is especially important while on the road for me to stay aware of the 5 pillars that make up Healthy Is Hot. I often have to check in and make sure I am attending to and caring for my physical health, nutritional health, mental health, career health and ensure a few little doses of adventure for the soul while I work remotely. If one of those starts to get ignored or put on the back burner, the other pillars start to feel the effects and doing my  job becomes a little tricker. 

How to stay on track when you find yourself in new environments:

1. Start each day with 15min of gratitude 

2. Keep water by the bedside table and make sure the first thing you put in your body and the last thing you put in your body is a big glass of water

3. Map out your time on the road and schedule in HIH moments

4. Even if you are away from home for work, make sure to do 1 activity for yourself 

5. ENJOY where you are, indulge in the food/culture and try to stick to the 80/20 rule of clean eats vs treats

6. Want a cocktail? DO IT. Avoid juices/sugary additives if possible. My go to? Tequila soda with 1/2 lime squeezed in = upper + hydration + vitamin C!

7. Always travel with vitamins and take them daily. I keep it simple with a multivitamin, vitamin D, and omegas 

8. Spread kindness: try and do something good each day. As simple as sharing a smile with a stranger! 


The Healthy Is Hot highlight of my trip to Quebec City was casually throwing out the idea that I wanted to bike from Vieux Quebec to the Montmorency Falls to my colleagues and being completely surprised that they were down for the adventure. Initially this was me using tip #3 (planning out my HIH moments) and tip #4 (doing 1 activity for myself amidst the work responsibilities) and somehow it ended up turning into tip #8. The cascade of HIH is real my friends. So we secured bikes, packed backpacks with snacks and water, bike 14km each way in the midst of a heat wave to see the beautiful waterfall and couldn’t believe that we actually did it, as a team.