The Universe Has Your Back: Review

Hey HIH fam! It’s Simona here, and if you haven’t already gathered I’m a big fan of books / tools / exercises that cater more to the spiritual emotional self!

So with that said, I wanted to review something that is a tangent to a book called “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein! What is it?

A totally interactive card deck - filled with stunning artwork by Micaela Ezra and messages from Gabby herself that correlate to her book! But I just LOVE to use the deck on its own to provide some extra oomph to my spiritual practice and to be given some guidance via surrender... because after all it’s fun not knowing what card will pop out - and even more important to trust that the message coming through is the one that’s meant to in that moment!

So simple to use, but it really makes for a memorable experience and even could be used to offer a mantra for the day as the messages are short and sweet - kind of perfect in the busy world. But I’ve learned to never underestimate so quick moments of subtle shifts, I truly believe they add up to more than meets the eye.

See below a few images of some of the cards you can find in the deck. Which one is your fav? Let me know by finding me @lovesimplysimona on Instagram! And remember, the universe has our backs - always.

Also find all things Gabby at @gabbybernstein on IG ✌🏼#theuniversehasyourback