7 Reasons Why You Should Work Out Today

Whenever I feel like my life is getting too busy, or if I'm feeling "too sore" or "too tired" to get my scheduled workout in, I like to write down a list of reasons why I SHOULD work out to help reframe my mindset and get myself motivated to GET SHIT DONE.

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So, for anyone looking for a little motivation to help get yourself into the gym today, here are my 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD WORK OUT TODAY!

1. It's MOOD-BOOSTING! - Exercise releases a ton of endorphins in your brain that help to energize your spirits and make you feel good.

2. It LOWERS YOUR RISK OF DISEASE. - The more physically fit you are, the lower your risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes or even joint/bone deterioration.

3. It DEVELOPS STRENGTH & ENDURANCE. - Weight training helps to improve your muscular strength & endurance, so that you can lift heavier and complete activities for longer periods of time without fatiguing.

4. It REDUCES STRESS. - Among many other mental health benefits, regular exercise helps to lower stress levels which puts you in a better frame of mind to tackle the day ahead.

5. It IMPROVES BODY COMPOSITION. - Working out helps you achieve many of the physical or aesthetic goals you may have for yourself such as a smaller waist, larger glutes or more defined shoulders.

6. It's ENERGY-BOOSTING! - Studies show that regular exercise helps to increase your overall energy levels allowing you to be more productive, both physically and mentally.

7. It's an act of SELF LOVE. - Taking care of your body and your health through exercise is one of the greatest acts of self-love there is.

PS - If even ONE of these points becomes the reason that you pick yourself up and drag yourself to the gym today, I'd love to know! Which point is your FAVE?