Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup...

I still remember my first memory with makeup. It was probably like Grade 6, and my two best friends, who were already into makeup and straightening their hair, decided to show me what it would look like on. So they put makeup on me, straightened my then never dyed hair, and I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘Wow, I look a lot better than before.’

Back then, makeup was something fun and grown up to do. Now I look at that memory as something not super great on my self-esteem. After that makeover, I started associating makeup and hair styles with being beautiful and perfect.

Fast forward to high school and makeup was just an everyday thing that girls did. You woke up early, put your face on and off you went. But I have to be honest. I was never, and still am not, good at makeup. I just never had the patience for it, so I just felt like anytime I did wear makeup, I did not look good because I did it myself. I also have never liked spending a lot of money on makeup, so the quality of the products I used wasn’t always great for my skin. While my friends were spending hours on YouTube makeup tutorials, I just thought ‘hey, mascara is good enough for me.’ But yet I continued to buy foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, etc. And now it’s all about the highlighter, primer, and lashes. I just never felt like keeping up, and I still don’t know. 

But while that’s all high and mighty, I’m not going to sit here and lie to you. I still feel really bad about how I look most days. I don’t love my skin and wish I could cover it up. But I am just too busy to have a full face all the time. And even the ‘no-makeup but with makeup’ look was just too much for me. So I decided to just do a makeup-free challenge for myself. Why am I wasting time using products that just don’t make me happy?

I decided a perfect start would be when I went to Vegas around a month ago. It was so hot there, I can’t even describe it and makeup and heat just don’t go together. So I brought no makeup products with me. And throughout the week, I could feel my skin breathing. By the end of the week, I felt like I had cleared up so much time in my mornings and my skin felt great.

The hard part was transitioning the no makeup challenge to real life. I work full-time, and I never want to come off an unpolished. Makeup always helps a little, but I really wanted to stick to just letting my skin breath and feel natural in my own body. But I gave myself a little break. I decided to use only four products. The first three I use every day and they are mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. The fourth is concealer for the days when I didn’t get enough sleep or just want to brighten up my eyes a little bit. This has changed my makeup routine forever. 

Most girls love makeup, and of course I am still one of them! I still love when my friends come over and do my makeup for me, because I know they love doing it and we all enjoy the quality time it brings! I am still going on with my minimal makeup routine, and I’m a lot more satisfied then I was before when I would put a full face on every morning.