Clean Summer Snack Ideas

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of restricting myself when I’m feeling hungry or craving something. In fact, studies suggest that the “all-or-nothing” diet is actually not as healthy as you may think: if you deprive yourself of a food entirely, there’s a greater chance that you’ll make unhealthy choices or dive into a complete binge later on.

REMEMBER - it’s all about moderation.

That’s why, I always keep a list of my favourite clean snacks that I can visit whenever I’m craving something. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savoury - this list has it all. I hope you’re able to use this list as  inspiration to look BEYOND your cravings and choose the foods will truly NOURISH your body instead of grabbing the easiest thing available!

What kind of snacks do you grab when you’re feeling hungry?


  • Raw veggies & homemade Greek yogurt tzatziki

  • Raw veggies, hard boiled eggs & hummus

  • Rice cakes/whole grain toast w/ cottage cheese & sliced tomatoes

  • Rice cakes/whole grain toast w/ smoked salmon, sliced onions & capers

  • Rice cakes/whole grain toast w/ egg whites & turkey bacon

  • Rice cakes/whole grain toast w/ scrambled eggs & avocado

  • Rice cakes/whole grain toast w/ mashed avocado, lemon & chili flakes

  • Turkey bacon & egg “roll-ups”

  • Bell pepper “boats” (filled with a cracked egg & shredded cheese)

  • Poached eggs on toast

  • Easy shrimp & veg stir fry

  • Chicken & veg macro bowl


  • Rice cakes/whole grain toast w/ peanut butter & fresh berries
  • Rice cakes/whole grain toast w/ Greek yogurt & granola

  • Sweet potato “toasts” w/ Greek yogurt, drizzled honey & chopped nuts

  • Berries & plain Greek yogurt w/ honey

  • Chocolate protein chia pudding

  • Cottage cheese, stevia & frozen berries w/ drizzled honey

  • Stovetop oats (rolled oats, almond milk & egg whites) with cinnamon and stevia

  • Stovetop oats with PB & frozen berries

  • Chocolate overnight protein oats

  • Celery stalks w/ PB & pomegranate seeds

  • Frozen Greek yogurt pops (PICTURED!)

  • PB & banana protein shake

  • Berries & cream protein shake

PS - Which of these snacks would you love to see the full recipes for? I’d love to share them all with the #HIHFamily!