I Tried LED Therapy... Here's How I Feel About It

Ah yes, LED light therapy!

I remember when I was in high school/ early uni days my esthetician saying that Blue Light Therapy would be great for my skin, and I looked at her dazed and confused as to how putting a blue light in my direction would help. I tend to have this dazed look until I do my own research and figure things out on my own time…it may take a while, but I get there eventually.  At the time I was dealing with some minor breakouts, and not taking the best care of my skin to be honest.
Fast forward almost ten years later (ouf), and my current esthetician recommended me to do an LED therapy session after my facial.  

Light therapy has become less of an obscure topic these days with the likes of Jessica Alba using it and lets be honest if Jessica Alba is promoting this it must be amazing, right? I called upon my trusty friends Google and YouTube to do some research as to the benefits and first-hand reviews of light therapy to see if I should give it a go.

I was able to absorb a lot of fun facts about light therapy during my online research which is fantastic because the more surprising the facts, the more I am into it!


There are two main types of light therapy, which are blue light and red light. The blue light is used to heal and disinfect (blemish prone skin for instance), and the red light is more of a collagen boosting therapy.  The option of combining both blue light and red light is also there for someone looking for a bit of both.

There are different ways of implementing the light therapy. I had the opportunity to use two different types one is a hard mask (similar to an old-school hockey mask) which covers your full face in close proximity, the other was a panel of lights above your face.

I was recommended the blue light therapy and it was an add-on to my facial, and I’m not going to lie- it was an experience.  The light therapy was in the form of a hard plastic mask that is strapped on to your face. I was given an eye mask to block out the light and induce a state of relaxation. The light itself does feel warm on your skin, similar to sitting out in the sun. 

This mask isn’t for everyone mostly due to the fact that it could probably trigger some unwanted feelings of claustrophobia. A warning I had been given prior to the start of the treatment. I, personally, was okay with it but also could see where someone wouldn’t feel overly comfortable with the mask on for 20 minutes. I would recommend the panel rather than the mask if you feel uncomfortable with the mask, and your esthetician should be able to give you a demonstration of how it would feel like with the mask on prior to actually getting the treatment.


So how does it all work? Great question.

I had the same queries, and when I talked to my esthetician she explained that the LEDs are set at a certain wavelength where they will tell the cells in the dermis layer to wake up and work a bit harder thus creating collagen and elastin. Collagen being that magical ingredient that fills in your skin reducing fine lines and giving you a fuller skin finish, and elastin giving your skin that elasticity we all want. 
Another great fact about light therapy is that it is also used to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder! This blew my mind, but I am so glad I know it now because I am so affected by the weather, and living in Scotland we do get quite overcast days and I have felt down when it’s been a constant week of rain so I will absolutely book in a light therapy session next time I am feeling down.

Why did I use it?
I have been really struggling with my skin for about 5-6 years now. I did a lot to it, and probably not all great. I have had facials, medications, diet changes, chemical peels where I couldn't go outside because my face was QUITE LITERALLY flaking off (cute), etc. I am on the road to recovery I would like to think, and a big part is due to my attention to the GUT. The Gut is SO important in your whole body function, and it has a rippled effect on every organ in your body including your skin! I have also become more aware of what I am putting on my face, and trying to avoid nasty ingredients (refer back to my chat with Raquel Wing from The Clean Hub for some extra information on that J).  For the LED treatment itself, there is no downtime, which is great, you could pop in for a quick session in your lunch break and be on your merry way.

Right, back to LED.
How did it go? Would I do it again?

I absolutely would do it again as an add-on to my facials. I think you get more out of it after a facial plus as an add-on it's less expensive than on its own.  I saw a lovely improvement in my skin right away, but it always takes a few days for any treatment to really kick in and see the full effect. People were noticing an improvement in my skin, which felt AMAZING! I would say that anyone and everyone could benefit from this because they have the different options it’s not exclusive to blemish-prone skin.

At the end of the day, we want to be treating our outer layer as well as our inner layer, and vice versa. Skin health isn’t just about what we use topically, but also what we ingest and consume. It is also important to treat your skin properly and delicately.

With happy vibes,

MC xx