How To Snap Your Post Workout Glow Like A Pro

There are a ton of cosmetics that offer to give you the perfect glow – but is there anything better than that post-workout sweat and sense of accomplishment that makes you feel your best? Probably not, because as you already know – healthy is hot.

When it comes to crushing your workout and getting closer to your goals, no matter what they may be there’s no shame in documenting or sharing your hard work with a selfie or “gymfie”. You take photos of everything else (yes, coffees and dinners included) so why not your post-workout look?


Photographer Jessie Abrazado (@blamejada) has captured many fitness and lifestyle photoshoots over the past eight years and has only seen the demand for these types of shots increase. With the influence of social media, blogging and influencer marketing, people want this content for their blogs, website and social accounts. But it doesn’t have to be your 9 to 5 to want to capture yourself at your sweatiest or sexiest.

“This day and age moves so fast and you’ll stop and take a picture of a pretty sunset, you’ll stop because that building looks cool you’ll take footage of that concert that you went to, but I do see importance in documenting yourself because everything moves so fast,” said Abrazado, who is also a Product Presentation Specialist for a sportswear company.


“Definitely embrace what you have when you have a day that you’ve invested in yourself and you get ready or you killed the workout – embrace yourself and take the photo and it doesn’t mean you have to share it, it’s for your own personal record and I feel like there’s nothing wrong with that.”

For the best workout selfie, Abrazado recommends taking it after your workout to capture that sweaty glow – it also shows you put in the work (and not just for the ‘gram).

“Make sure you have ample light and even if you’re in a dim room, like a yoga room try to find the most light in that room and you can play around with shadows for a cool effect or even make your body look better,” she said.

“Keep in mind your background, so gyms usually have mirrors. Before you start snapping just scan the mirror around you to make sure no one is doing a weird pose or staring at you or anything awkward that can ruin your picture. Always take more than one, snap a bunch and you can filter through or edit after.”


For women, Abrazado suggests shooting at chest-level or from a higher up angle because it compliments your body. For males, the chest is also good, but angling from below helps make guys look bigger. 

For Abrazado herself, she likes to document her workout as they are happening when she is in boot camp. She also likes documenting her progress, which she suggests other people do too and you don’t necessarily have to post everything – selfies for yourself.

“I feel like if you are serious about your workout goals it’s important to take those photos because you need a reference point and to me, it’s also motivation that I can post a Transformation Tuesday picture one day or transformation picture period,” she said.

“Even if you end up slipping or you gained a little bit of weight, it’s a physical or visual reminder with the hopes it motivates you to get back on track.”

Abrazado recently held her first photography show in June in Toronto. The Flip Project captured a young generation of Filipino Canadians in the creative industry, not only highlighting the culture and their marks in the industry but also to inspire other young people of any background to embrace who they are.


Photography is an amazing tool to not only showcase art and culture but to express progression and growth in all aspects – even your workout goals. So, take it from a professional – if you feel like you killed your workout you probably did – snap that pic, it may just inspire someone else to get their sweat on and improve their health.