Kitchen Virgins: Watermelon Feta Salad

Sizzlin’ summer is here which means it’s watermelon season! There’s nothing better than lounging outside with some juicy and refreshing watermelon, but sometimes it can get a little boring just by itself.

My life was forever changed a couple of years ago when my mom made me watermelon and feta salad for the first time. I cringed at the thought of those two being eaten together at the same time but quickly had a change of heart. The salty and sweet combo is perfection. 

I like to keep things simple so I just cut up a few slices of watermelon into cubes along with some feta (that feeling when the watermelon to feta ratio is equal is surreal), however, you can add cucumbers, balsamic vinegar, and mint if you please. I can’t think of anything more summery and I’m always satisfied when I have it since it covers all of the bases when it comes to cravings. 

10/10 rating hands down!