How I Get Sh*t Done: Sabrina Alexandra Roy

You’ve probably seen the PRANA bags of nuts and fruit at the grocery store and this week we’re talking to the company’s PR manager, Sabrina Alexandra Roy! She calls herself a snacktivist, and you’ll know why after reading this! 

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Tell us a little bit about your role at PRANA!

At PRANA, we create wholesome organic snacks for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. My job is to make sure that not only everyone knows that, but also that everyone falls in love with PRANA :) More specifically, the core of my job is to work with various influential media and influencers in Canada and the US to ensure consumers know about our brand and mission so that they choose our products as a healthy snack alternative the next time they visit the grocery store. I sometimes attend Industry awards, various events with journalists or retreats. 

I am also involved on other projects; for example, I can be organizing focus groups, testing new products, brainstorming with my team on the theme of our next spring campaign or even be watering our garden behind our office :) At PRANA, not one day is the same. We also have a strong teamwork culture which kills the routine and makes our job super fun. 


You're in PR and have also been in the social media world- how do you stay on top of the current trends? 

I am passionate about food, communication & sustainability so trend spotting is basically part of my daily routine. I read a lot on the topics, I receive many newsletters,  I watch documentaries & webinars, I attend conferences and follow what other brands and organizations are doing. People can be so inspiring and teach you a lot! Our PR agency also sends us weekly updates on industry news. Finally, I have to say I am a tiny bit obsessed with Instagram where you can find loads of inspiration. 


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It’s your average morning- what's your routine? 

I like to wake up early enough to be able to do things around the house before going to work. Sometimes I make a HIIT in the morning, other times we have yoga classes at work, which is a great way to start off the day. Breakfast is usually a chia pudding or overnight oats (like this one), but I have to say we are pretty spoiled at work and we often have healthy breakfast provided. I work from home when I need to concentrate on presentations and more strategic work, but in general I love to get to the office because I’m lucky enough to have the best colleagues that are so fun to work with. The employees at PRANA are a big family and we even see each other outside of work and miss each other when we go away for a vacation! On my days off, I always start with cooking a more elaborate veggie breakfast or going to brunch. 


What’s your go-to snack from PRANA for anyone on the go?

 It’s impossible to pick just one! Our Kilimanjaro trail mix with dark chocolate is a must and our chocolate bark are also perfect for chocolatey cravings (you need to try our Matcha Magic Chocolate Bark!) PRANA snacks are great on the go since they are offered in stand up pouches. Our Extaze salty cashews are absolutely mouthwatering. 


What are some healthy food places you would recommend to someone visiting Montreal for the first time?

We are spoiled in Montreal with so many good restaurants. Everyone needs to try the vegan sushis at MOMO - they are heavenly. Lov has a beautiful decor and yummy vegan comfort food. La Récolte is delicious and only uses local ingredients. Aux Vivres, Chuchai, Venice and Mandy’s are also good options. Visiting the Jean-Talon market is also great to taste our local produce.


How do you like to get your sweat on?

HIIT are the most beneficial for me. I like to run when I need to change my mind or feel like exploring the city. Yoga is my go to place when I need to relieve stress.  But I miss my Amsterdam days when I was biking the city everyday, exercise is not always easy to integrate in our busy routine when living in North America. 


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How do you like to unwind? 

It depends on the days, but in general cooking is a way for me to unwind. It’s my way of getting creative, improvising and concentrating myself on tasks without thinking too much.  However, the best after work unwinding is meeting friends over good orange wine on a terrace or doing yoga in the park in the summer. 


What does your bedtime routine look like?

I have this beautiful cosy room that allows me to disconnect as soon as I enter it. I often write before bedtime in my journal., which sounds very cliché but for me it was a real game changer. 


Do you have a favourite mantra you say aloud every day, or a quote you keep nearby?

I have a beautiful illustration next to my bed from a local artist with the quote in French ‘Donner le temps au temps’, which translates to ‘give time some time’.


What is one thing you want people to know about PRANA?

What I would like people to know about the PRANA brand is that we sell more than bags of organic nuts and fruits. We want to use business as a force for good and we do business differently. We take care of our planet and our people.  And we want to lead a movement with like minded consumers who want to make better food choices. This movement - which PRANA is all about - is snacktivism.


What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

To be in control of your health by choosing the right ingredients that will fuel your mind and body. Being healthy is not about targeting a number on a scale but rather to feel good physically and mentally, which is a lot influenced by the food you put in your body. I choose vegetarian, often vegan and organic food because they make me feel better, on top of being more sustainable. Taking care of yourself is hot!

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