The Power of You Book Review

Let’s be real, as humans I think one of the most healing journeys we can go on is the one we take solely for ourselves. 

Empathy and compassion and service to the world are also vital, but they can’t really be well utilized when our own selves are bogged down by fear and limitation, low confidence, and a loud inner critic - just to name a few things. 


So today, I’m sharing my review for a book dedicated to EACH of us, called “The Power of You” by Chris Michaels. This book does have a focus more on spiritual terminology, but I encourage you to stay open even if it’s not your thing - there is so much to offer beyond just that. I love that it keeps a very interactive element to the content, including practical exercises (like creating a list of 100 things you want - which is actually harder to do than it seems at first glance - and then pick your top ten to fully commit to) and questions to really contemplate (ex. What if the universe is friendly and there’s nothing operating against you? Am I worth more when I am in a relationship than when I am not?). 

This book is an honest journey into yourself, and going inward can be (most likely will be) a messy journey. But why is it worth it? As Chris says: 

“To fully own yourself, to have a full sense of worth and power, you must begin by taking command of your life. As long as someone else is running your life and making your decisions, you’ll never find your power and be your true, authentic self.” 

And to close to off with this one: 

“There’s never going to be another you, ever! Nobody talks like you. Nobody thinks as you do. No one can love the way you love. You’re an original piece of work. Just think about how valuable that makes you. This is your opportunity to stand tall, be proud, speak your mind and give your love to the world. It’s time to stop questioning your worth and accept the truth that you are priceless.” 

Sounds like a perfect quote to incorporate as the book guides you to live as the true unfolding of yourself! 

Never stop growing,