How I Get Sh*t Done: Bree Lowry

Meet Bree Lowry. She is a certified personal trainer at one of Chloe’s favourite Toronto gyms, SWAT Health! Her training sessions are no joke, and her motivational skills will pump you up so hard that by the end of the workout you feel like you could accomplish anything! Healthy is Hot sat down with Bree to talk about her passion for fitness, why SWAT Health is so close to her heart, and how she goes the extra mile with her clients! 

What began your passion for fitness? 

I've always been super athletic throughout elementary and high school. Soccer was my main sport and I was headed to a promising future in the states with talk of scholarships to various schools. Classic case of a young female soccer player, I tore my ACL and meniscus during a game and ended my hope of playing professionally. Although my dreams were crushed it sparked the fire of my passion for fitness. I worked with an amazing physiotherapist who rehabbed me back to health and increased my knowledge of physical fitness. This prompted me to apply for Kinesiology at Brock University where I completed my honours and then, did an additional 5th year specializing in Athletic Therapy courses. I was blessed to be part of a school that had so many practical courses where I worked hands-on with a variety of different people throughout my undergrad, which helped increase my expertise in training. I worked with people who suffered spinal cord injuries, MS and stroke, varsity athletes, youth and seniors. After school I worked at Lululemon who were affiliated with SWAT Health where I participated in a boot camp and met Kyle Ardill which started my journey as a professional strength and conditioning coach.


It’s your average day- what’ your morning routine look like? 

5:00am: Wake Up

Get ready

Walk my dog (Merl)

5:30am: Bike to work

6:00am: Drink a coffee and train my first client

6:55am: Breakfast

-I'll train from 6am-12pm

-Client sessions are all 1 hour

-I'll eat my meals that I have previously prepped in between clients

12:00pm: My own Workout

1:00pm: Jog home, let Merl out

3:00pm: Jog back to work

4:00pm-8pm: Training clients/ Running Bootcamps

8:30pm: Bike home, walk Merl, Prep Meals for the next day

10:30/11: Bed/Sleep


Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.09.13 PM.png

You work at SWAT, do you have your own workspace there? Or at home? What does that look like? 

SWAT is an amazing space right on Queens Quay with a waterfront view to the south and the north faces the CN tower. It's a blessing to be able to work by such a beautiful environment. Our facility is a health and wellness facility offering multiple services such as personal training, boot camps, RMT, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy. There are constantly new faces, reoccurring faces, and always happy faces at work. I love where I work and the people I work with and for. It's always high energy, positive, and a place filled with amazing people increasing their quality of life.


Are you planner? How do you like to stay scheduled?

Oh man, I am the biggest planner. My day is always hour to hour, client to client and I always stay scheduled through our system at the front. We work through Practice Perfect and it's a lifesaver. Blocking off time to walk my dog, eat, meetings and everything stays on the schedule and keeps my life very organized.


What’s your go-to exercise when you’re on a time crunch?

If my day is super swamped my go-to workout is deads & sleds. Supersetting deadlifts with sled pushes. Typically around 5-10 sets depending on the time crunch. This is a great superset to hit the full body, work the booty and hit cardio.


What’s your bedtime routine look like?

Typically a bedtime routine includes showering, face wash, followed by snuggling on the couch with the pup watching a little bit of Netflix (currently watching Animal Kingdom). I try to not be on my phone when I get home, or I catch up on emails and clients texts about scheduling for the week. I take CBD bio shot from Mastermind Bio-Wellness to help muscle and mental recovery. Then off to sleep.


How do you combine creativity with your passion to empower people to be their best selves? 

It's as simple as caring. I genuinely care. I care about all my co-workers and clients well being, their personal lives, their relationships, how they are feeling, what their diet looks like, where they are emotionally and mentally, their self-love, and simply their life. I show my passion every day by showing up. I focus on my own self-love to be better each day so I can provide the care for my clients and co-workers on a daily.


Do you have a favourite quote or mantra? 

"Go with the flow but create your own current”


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

"Find your purpose and make it powerful." 

I was told this by a professor in school and it stuck to me. Whatever your purpose, whether it's having children, growing a business, travelling the world, helping people, or even working on yourself. Always be a powerful force in the world and when you truly find your purpose the universe helps you attain it.


What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

Balance. That having a healthy lifestyle does not consist of being limited, or restrictive. Being able to work out, work hard, and have a glass of wine. Healthy is Hot means taking care of your mental health, physical health, and social life. Chloe is such a great representation of someone who has all aspects of life in a balance and once you can conquer a balanced lifestyle, in my opinion, you've won at life. 

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