How To Have The Best At Home Workout

My Healthy Is Hot journey began in an astonishingly unhealthy way. In grade ten, after realizing that I was chubby and got no attention from the boys I had a crush on, I stopped eating junk food. I began watching everything I ate, I cut my portions down as far as I could without raising the alarms in an Italian household and even thought about purging after large meals.

I'd wake up early or go to bed late to work out. I would work out every single day for an hour and then make sure I did 100 crunches every night before bed. The more weight I lost, the more intense I became about eating healthy and working out. This attitude continued well into my twenties when I became so obsessed with working out that I ended up looking sick. I look back at photos from my sister's destination wedding and immediately see an unhappy, starved, bobble head with bones protruding out of everywhere.

image1 2.jpeg

I know that there is nothing unhealthy about NOT eating junk food and working out BUT extremes are not good for your body or your mind. Since my sister's wedding (over five years ago), I've gained twenty-five pounds. Although that number is yelling at me as I read it over, I know that I LOOK and FEEL healthy. I work out 4 days a week, indulge in my cravings and try to find a balance.

To me, balance is healthy and HEALTHY IS HOT.

I don't pretend to know everything about the perfect workout or how to bulk up or tone. If you look at me, you'll see that I am neither thin nor toned but I am strong and I enjoy every single workout I do. I hate going to the gym, refuse to run on the treadmill, and am not a fan of going for walks in the suburbs. So, I work out in the comfort of my basement and all I need is a TV, Internet connection, and a few light weights. I call my gym YouTube and have spent the last few years obsessed with the PopSugar Fitness channel.  What I love about this channel is how many workouts they have! Whether you're into aerobic workouts,  weight training, dance cardio, Tabata, lower body, ab workouts, or sculpting, you can find a 20, 30, or 45-minute video on Popsugar.

I tend to mix up my workouts but my latest obsession is ANY video featuring Body by Simone's Simone De La Rue. I find her dance cardio fun, intense and refreshing. My favourite video of hers is one where she partnered with Sweaty Betty for a 40-minute full-body workout. There are three cardio dances you get to learn - they’re so easy that even someone as uncoordinated as me can do it! In between each cardio dance is a section focussing on abs, lower body, or arms.  I sweat buckets after this workout and feel amazing afterward. 

What are your favourite at home workouts?