How I Get Sh*t Done: Samantha Cutler

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Meet Samantha Cutler. She went from working in the corporate world to becoming a wellness blogger, and motivational coach behind The Fit Fitale: her blog and online tribe! With over 28,000 followers, Samantha inspires and coaches in a way that leaves a lasting impression! Did we mention she’s also a contributor to SWEAT, the health and wellness website created by Kayla Itnes and Toby Pearce, and she’s a Tresemme ambassador? Healthy is Hot sat down with the girl that is doing it all, talking everything from self-care, to why mornings are her favourite part of the day! 

It's your average day- what does your morning routine look like? (ie wake up time, breakfast, work from home or an office, workout in the morning?, etc) 

I love my mornings. They are the best part of my day! Every day is different for me but my morning routine tends to be what holds it all together. I wake up around 6am, write in my Five Minute Journal, feed my puppy, apply my skin care routine and then usually I will take 30 minutes or so to write. I still write by hand almost every morning. Sometimes just for me and sometimes they turn into blog posts. I usually am doing emails by 7 until around 9 where I’ll either have a class like spin or barre otherwise I’m off to my shoot, meeting or deliverables of the day. I work at home where my brand coordinator joins me about 2-3 days a week. Something I’ve established that has helped me so much in my structure is when I take my meetings. I only schedule calls or meetings in the afternoon after my classes and never on Mondays or Fridays. Fridays usually tend to be content days and Monday’s strategy days. In the evening, I teach 2-3 nights a week and if I am not teaching I am most likely working or catching up with friends. Another thing I’ve done to try and regulate stress is cut down on always saying yes to events and requests from people… especially at night when it cuts into my personal time.

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Describe to our viewers what Fit Fitale look like, feel like? 

The Fit Fatale, that girl who can have it all and then some, from health, family, career and social life. It's not an intimidation, it's a realization that you're capable. The Fit Fatale is flirty and witty. She is fitness obsessed. She would prefer to talk avocados than shit. She is always well dressed (even in yoga pants) and smiling. She cares for herself first and foremost which allows her to go above and beyond for others. This is how she finds happiness in a healthy lifestyle. 

You blog a lot on your website, why is it important to you to stay personal and connected with your audience? 

I write a lot of feelings content. I've had that response from people before and some love that and some don’t. I write about motivation, health as a trendy topic but also as something that can ultimately change your life, the way you react to the people around you and your entire life’s purpose. It's really important to share that. I'm a content writer so I have a longer copy on my website or my Insta posts than many other influencers but I get the best responses from it and feel I connect the most with my audience when I’m speaking up about real stuff. 

You're based in Toronto and Montreal, do you have any gyms, studios or workout classes you would recommend to anyone travelling around there? 

My favourite classes in Toronto are Barre3 and Soul Cycle. I also love @haylesbeth ’s equinox class. In Montreal you can always find me a @victoriaparkmtl teaching my class Bodylicious or hitting  up my normal routine which consists of Spin, Barre, Pilates and maybe a circuit here and there! 

What's your go-to exercise when on a time crunch? 

Barre! I am not too sweaty after so it’s not a whole process to reset and run out to lunch or a meeting. They have tons of express classes all over my three cities, MTL, NYC & Toronto that are usually 50 minutes in and out. 

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Self-care is a huge trend right now, what does your self-care look like? 

Everything. Honestly, everything I do is in the world of self care. I guess sometimes we can forget that because it becomes work… but how you care for yourself, from your beauty routine to nutrition to workouts is essentially what you become. One that we can all work on is practicing a little more words of self-care to ourselves rather than judgement and harsh criticism on how we look or feel. 

What does your bedtime routine look like?

My night routine consists of burning oils in my diffuser and applying my night skin care routine which I really cherish doing. I sometimes will catch up on my Insta research and brand awareness or post my pic from the day since I’m usually a night poster. I like to shut off my phone as much as possible before or after that, have a glass of wine with my family or friends and really talk. Talk without distractions and social media. It’s always a good moment when you can get to a level of real uninterrupted conversation.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?

“Life brings you what you need when you need it” Its been my quote to fall back on for almost 10 years now and it always calms me down. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

Start saying no. My old boss in corporate is a huge mentor of mine. He helped me learn my value and that although we serviced multiple brands, departments and people within the organization saying no and not always trying to please everyone will bring the best and most honest results. I've taken that with me in my own business. 

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What does Healthy is Hot mean to you? 

Right now we see strong and healthy as hot. The trends have moved towards fit girls, powerful women and men, supporting one other and bettering themselves. Healthy is being preventative not reactive… in your health goals, but also in all other areas from relationships to work day flow. You radiate confidence and power when you feel good and that's healthy! 

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