HIH Moments: MMVAs

Another year, another iheartradio MMVA red carpet in the books. 


This assignment is the one I look forward to most each year, it is one of the few times of year where we produce live television to the entire country and welcome some of the biggest names to our downtown Toronto headquarters which we turn into the biggest street party in Canada. We shut down streets, roll out a red-carpet the size of a block, turn the parking lot into a massive stage for the award show and welcome thousands of fans to be a part of it. 

Leading up to the big night, I do everything I can to feel confident, prepared, and ready to take on the chaos of a 1hour live show. One of the ways I ensure I am going to feel my best, both mentally and physically, is to amp up my HIH moments, usually one month before is when I rev things up on the nutrition & fitness front. 

With regards to food it’s focusing on feeding my body high-quality nutrients, being more aware of hydration, eating high protein, high (good) fats and reducing carbs. The biggest thing for me though? Late-night snacking, it’s a longtime habit that is hard for me to break but given the right motivation I (try to) manage. There were a lot of salads in my life the past little while... But I always ensure to throw in some protein (tuna, hard boiled eggs, tofu), fibre (lentils, black beans), something crunchy (corn, nuts, sprouts) to make it a well balanced meal.

My latest addiction to curb my snacking habit was to make homemade protein bars to have for busy days were sitting down for a meal felt near impossible.

The recipe is SUPER easy if you want to try: 

1. Mix 1/3c natural nut butter, 1/3c coconut oil, 1/2c non-dairy milk (warm up in the microwave for 20sec to make mixing easier)

2. Add in 1 1/2c of protein powder. Pour into a container

3. Ganache on top: mix 3tbsp coconut oil + 1tbsp cocoa powder + sweetener/sugar to taste. Pour over top and place in the fridge!

Food is especially critical to support the level of exercise in the month before. 

Every year is different but this time around I did a combination of yoga, cross-training at Myodetox Performance with my girlfriends and one on one sessions with my trainer Kyle at SWAT Health. The variety is a non-negotiable to avoid injury, burn-out or boredom from the routine. Working out with friends makes it easier to stay accountable and the best part is that you get a dose of socializing in at the same time. I love my personal training with Kyle because he pushes me to lift heavier than I would on my own and teaches me the importance of impeccable form from the simplest exercises like squats to more complicated moves. And yoga? Well, it forces me to slow down, focus on my breathe, and allows for meditation through movement. 

Now that the show is done, it’s time to reinstate off-days but continue with HIH moments!