Why Self Love and Positive Intentions hold the keys to your wellbeing and transformation

By Farhan Dhalla, Transformational Personal Trainer, Toronto, ON.

As a transformational personal trainer, many clients come to me wanting to change their bodies, to lose weight or to get healthier.

To help them reach their fitness and wellness goals, I first help my clients understand is that a positive outcome requires a positive intention.

What exactly does this mean?

A true physical transformation requires you to work from the inside out. It’s far more than counting reps, sets, and proper nutrition. I firmly believe and have implemented in my practice with my clients, that in order to reach your goals you must first let go of limiting beliefs, expand your mind, believe in greater possibilities and, most importantly, believe in yourself. When you align with belief systems that serve you and take action from a place of self-love, your body, and your life will expand and transform. This will transcend every aspect of your life – far beyond just physical changes – and you’ll awaken and discover your infinite power.

Every action you take in your life is driven by an emotion: love or fear.  And every action has a consequence: positive or negative.  Since a positive outcome requires a positive intention, if you walk into the gym with negative belief systems about yourself (i.e. “I hate my thighs” or “My stomach is so big”) you can’t possibly expect a positive outcome. These negative thoughts and the negative self-talk we say to ourselves every day are actually sabotaging our fitness goals and many aspects of our lives. What’s underlining these thoughts is actually fear and the belief system “I’m not enough”. And that can be detrimental to our lives in so many ways – holding us back from being happy and reaching our goals.

Trust me when I say, even if you don’t have the body you desire today, LOVE IT ANYWAY!  

Choose to get in a Healthy is Hot moment because you love yourself and you are worth it, period.  This intention will allow you to manifest a healthier inner being. When your inner-self is healthy you start to feel better about yourself and your physical body and life will positively respond!

When you choose self-love as your intention and align with positive action, you get positive results. That’s the BIG secret! Choose self-love, choose you. Make you the intention because you matter. And when you do, your body and your life will change for the better!

I’m proud to introduce one of my clients, Laurie Weir, who next up will share her personal journey of self-love and transformation.

By: Laurie Weir

When I first started to train with Farhan in January this year, I knew I was signing up for a different kind of training. I’ve worked out with other personal trainers in the past – but Farhan’s approach offered me a more holistic advantage.

I had no idea at the time what I was in for and how much my life would change in just seven short months.

Each session begins with a “grounding” exercise and time for me to set intentions for my day and my life. Let’s get real, it’s basically a therapy session with one of the most caring, patient, comforting and healing people I know. We talk about everything from work to family, to relationships and everything in between. It’s a safe space I’m able to express myself, be confronted by underlying belief systems I didn’t even know I had that were holding me back, manifest new possibilities and set positive intentions. And, we always begin each workout with me looking right in the mirror, right into my eyes and saying “Laurie, I love you, I really really love you”. Sounds kinda weird, right? Keep reading.

Admittedly, there were some low points along the way where I wasn’t sure what we were doing would have any real impact. How can what I say and think actually change my life and I haven’t even moved my body yet?

Well, it can. Big time.

I used to hate going to the gym. Exercise was a chore. I’d rather do laundry than workout. Now, I look forward to each and every session and I’ve never been so dedicated and consistent to a fitness and wellness program in my life. I’ve gained strength, increased muscle mass and lost inches. I’m eating clean, have upped my protein intake big time, kicked my java habit for Matcha tea, regularly journal and meditate, and am overall “in the flow” of life – trusting that the universe has my back without trying to constantly control it. Tough to do, but I’m getting better every day.

Now, the even bigger stuff.

I also broke off a 3-year toxic relationship when I finally realized I am enough. This one feat itself is worth the price of admission, folks. For anyone who’s ever suffered through emotional turmoil at the hands of a partner, you know how exceptionally draining it can be. I’m FINALLY off that roller coaster and my goodness, it feels good to be free!

I sold my condo and bought a house in Toronto. By myself. As a single, 39-year old I’m pretty proud of that.

I’ve redefined my relationship with my dad. My friends say I’m a different person. Lighter. Happier.

I’ve manifested an abundance of work and choice – and as an entrepreneur with my own PR/marketing consultancy, Next PR, I’m incredibly grateful.

So, it’s safe to say that I’ve learned that I am enough, I choose love, and I choose me. My health and wellbeing is a top priority in my life and I’m hoping that by sharing my story I will encourage others to embrace the Healthy is Hot lifestyle as well. You’re worth it!

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