7 Reminders to Relax, Recharge and Reconnect

It’s official. School is in session. Rush hour is back in full force. Those tan lines you worked so hard for have started to fade. Swimsuits are on-sale. Costco has added a Halloween costume section. And, Pumpkin Spice is back. Might as well start counting down the days until Summer is over.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 5.56.51 PM.png

But, as the days get shorter, darker and we all begin to suffer from seasonal scaries from working full-time or first semester stress, it’s important to look back on that summer bliss and remember to relax and take a break every once in awhile. We’ve all heard this before, but it’s really easy to get wrapped up in life and forget to take care of yourself. So, I thought we could use a gentle reminder as we get back into the swing of things.

Whether it’s a weekend away from it all, a morning of hiking outside the city, or simply a few hours of reducing screen time before you go to bed, here’s a few reminders that going off the grid - even for a few hours - is the kind of self-care to add to your lifestyle:

  1. Reduced Anxiety and Stress - let’s start with the most obvious… it’s a fact that checking email only 3 times a day is known to reduce stress by 25%. Getting away for a bit or giving yourself a digital timeout means you’ll actually get to forget about work and...

  2. You’ll Get Back Into the Natural Flow of Things - it’s like hitting the refresh button. Once you’ve rebooted, you’ll be less compelled to go, go, go and feel more comfortable and ready to get back into a structured routine.

  3. Bonus: Better Sleep - If you’re a workaholic like me who routinely suffers from insomnia because your brain doesn’t have an off-switch, a trek out of the city or a digital detox is a natural cure that’ll help you relax a little.

  4. Wake Up More Focused -  And subsequently, get you ready for the day more focused and improve productivity. After a weekend of hiking or an evening of not constantly checking my phone, I find my weekdays are much more fulfilling. I have ideas I want to implement, connections that need to be made, and things I want to do. And, for the first time in awhile, I’m not too overtired and unmotivated to do it.

  5. Multitask less and more efficiently - Waking up refreshed and less encumbered by what’s on your to-do list or reducing how often you check your phone, you automatically put more of your focus on the task at hand. You find yourself accomplishing more in less time, and in most cases your results are a whole lot better and more satisfying than trying to do ten things at once.

  6. Connect More With Those Around You - If you’re not staring at a screen, you have to stare at the person sitting next to you. Whoa, you might even improve your relationship.

  7. Perspective - One of my biggest flaws is that I'm constantly trying to make my next move and I forget to stop and appreciate where I'm at. Possibly the nicest thing about this bi-weekly to monthly addition, was that I got a little bit of time to learn about myself. I was able to truly “talk to myself” and gain just a little bit of insight into who I currently am, and more importantly, who I want to be.