Benefits of Celery Juice

Most of us have heard of how good green juice is - a super easy way to boost vitamin and mineral intake! 

But have you heard all the amazing facts about just juicing one ingredient? CELERY? 

Yup, simply making celery juice is the easiest way to go to get a super powerful and detoxifying (no joke this stuff is potent) effect happening in the body. It all begins with a man by the name of Anthony William aka Medical Medium! He has been sharing the amazing ~ ness of celery juice for years and now thanks to social media, it’s a practice that’s catching on with many - I keep seeing so many Instragrammers making this part of their mandatory morning routine. 


Until you give it a try, you don’t realize how simple and powerful the juice will be. It offers you so much energy (as opposed to green juices with several plants/fruits) and helps rebuild hydrochloric acid in the stomach, assisting with digestion! Detox can be experienced if there is some stuff needed to be purged - aka headaches, insomnia, nausea. However, within a few days these discomforts are greatly outweighed by the benefits of the drink!

Below is a full list Anthony @medicalmedium  offers as to how celery juice can transform your life [taken from his website] : 

Quickly rebuild your hydrochloric acid so that your stomach can break down protein.

If protein isn’t broken down properly it will cause gut rot.

Strong hydrochloric acid is important to kill off pathogens entering your mouth. 

Celery Juice increases and strengthens your bile. 

Strong bile is important for the break down fats, and for the killing off pathogens; that have made their way into your body.

Eating straight celery wouldn’t allow you to get enough of celery’s cluster salts; that acts as antiseptics for pathogens.

Celery juice restores your central nervous system.

Removes old toxins and poisons, such as: old pharmaceuticals from your liver

Also, many people say it helps with acne and skin issues! 

And of course, if you feel called to ty this remember to be gentle when incorporating a new element to your health and wellness routine, to make sure it’s what best for you - such as consulting your medical professional and/or begin by juicing only little amounts at a time. 

So if you start seeing celery vanishing in the grocery stores - now you know why, more and more people are juicing it!