How I Get Sh*t Done: Cassie Day

Cassie Day is an athlete, a female force and a self-proclaimed nutrition nut. Her genuine love for fitness is infectious. Cassie believes every day is a new opportunity to spread positivity and rays of energy to those who surround her. She is cofounder and trainer at All Day Fit- a Toronto-based fitness community complete with personal training, holistic nutrition, and bootcamps! Healthy is Hot sat down with Cassie to talk everything from her values as a trainer, to how she handles her hectic schedule! 

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What began your passion for fitness? 

I grew up playing hockey my whole life, when I started university I had to replace my 5 days a week on the ice with something and I decided to start weight training. 8 years later, still going strong! It’s a part of who I am now! 

What is All Day Fit? 
All Day Fit is an inclusive wellness community that educates humans how to eat, train and love themselves. 

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It’s your average day- what does your morning routine look like? 

Wake up 5:30 

Clients 6-8

Breakfast 8-830

Workout 830-10

Class 10:15-11:30

Clients 12-2

Lunch 2 

Admin work 3-5 

Corporate client or teach class 5-7 

Dinner 7-8

More admin work, programs, learn 8-11

..this is Monday to Friday, Saturday is the same idea except I finish at 2 and Sunday is my day off. BUSY, but that’s how I like it! 

What are your values when it comes to coaching? 
Be positive and fun. Educate on proper form. Be flexible to clients schedules and program for clients goals. Most importantly, walk the walk. 

What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on? 
Strength training and boxing. I love Turkishgetups, front squats and pull ups. 

How do you keep so scheduled? 
I have had a “life book” since grade 7... I actually have all my life books since then. I can tell you what I’ve done every single day for almost 15 years lol. I live for schedules! (Especially busy ones). 

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What does your bedtime routine look like?

Catch up on all texts messages and DM’s from the day - I usually leave all these until right before bed. Brush my teeth, wash my face, chug a huge glass of water and jump into bed.. I’m asleep within seconds. 

How do you like to unwind?

Putting my phone away. Long bike rides with my fiancé, cooking or attending a class where someone else can kick my butt. I also love going to the movies because the only thing I’m focused on for the 2 hours is the movie! 

What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

The media is constantly telling us to change ourselves to achieve the ideal body. But there’s one thing that will always be in, health! You know when someone tells you you have a “healthy glow”... you’ve been sleeping well, eating well, getting your workouts in and hydrating. Not only can you feel it, others can see it. You radiate healthy. And that’s because healthy is hot. 😉 

Try out Cassie’s fave move, the Turkishgetups:

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