5 Top Things To Do in St-Petersburg

5 Top Things to do in St-Petersburg

In 1703, Peter the Great founded St-Petersburg. Because of his love for Amsterdam, he built the city on a swamp, creating 65 rivers and canals and 342 bridges that divide the city into 42 islands.

As you wander the streets, travel back to the time of the tsars and appreciate the architecture's grandeur with impressive plazas and baroque and neoclassical churches and palaces.  To this day, the city is Russia's cultural capital with over 200 museums, world-class ballet, and great opera and classical music. 


I spent 5 days exploring the city and these were my favourite activities that I recommend you do when visiting St-Petersburg:

  1. Take a free walking tour 
    Learn about the city and its history on a free walking tour. I normally recommend these types of tours since they are a great way to meet other travellers and you get a glimpse of what else the city has to offer. Then, you can choose the activities you want to do during your stay.

  2. Cruise along the canals
    You can easily find small boats that take you around the city and its canals. Unfortunately, we did not find one that offered their services in English (very common in Russia). We basically just cruised around and took pictures of the city’s different views and its beautiful buildings. You can also get your Healthy is Hot moment with kayak tours. 

  3. See a ballet
    Or classical music or an opera. I was not able to get tickets for The Mariinsky Theatre because we were there during the FIFA and it was fully booked. However, smaller theatres are also beautifully adorned and have amazing sound and art. 

  4. Hermitage
    This museum probably stole my heart away. The Hermitage consists of 7 different buildings and its 500m facade is the longest in Europe. Inside, the chandeliers, paintings, columns, and richly adorned decors will make you feel like a tsar or tsarina. Even those who are not into art will enjoy walking along the Hermitage's halls. Seeing the museum’s complete collection would take 8 full years.

  5. City outskirts
    If you are in the city for a few days, I highly recommend take a train to the outskirts. Palaces and sites like Pushkin, Peterhof or Oranienbaum will allow you to enjoy beautiful views, walk around immense parks, and learn more about Russian culture and history. 

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