Try These 5 Ingredients to Make Your Skin Glow

Clear skin is in. Beautiful, healthy, glowing skin is all the rage right now (a refreshing break from caking ourselves in makeup, if you ask me) but the truth is, for many of us, getting our bare face Instagram ready isn’t easy! Genetically, clear skin wasn’t going to be in the picture for me, I always had a few bumps here and there, but it wasn’t until my second year of university that I began suffering with painful, harsh-looking cystic acne. I bought ever single acne product money could buy, consulted with anyone that would listen, and ready each and every blog post about acne I could find. It wasn’t until I began seeing a natural health practitioner that I realized my acne meant something, my body was trying to communicate with me in the loudest way possible, through my face. It was through my sessions with him that I learned it wasn’t about what I put on my skin but what I put in my body. It was through a good, hard look at my eating habits that ditched the harsh chemical-filled skin care products and cured my cystic acne naturally. 

I’m no doctor and recommend that everyone does what’s best for them but that being said, I’ve found a few tried and true ingredients that help keep my breakouts at bay (and I don’t mind eating!)


1.     Oranges – Vitamin C baby! Whether you’re using it topically or snacking on oranges, this is a great way to calm down redness and help give your immune system a boost. Remember acne isn’t all about your face, your body is asking you for something, so your immune system is the best place to start healing! 

2.     Spirulina – This scary green powder is all the rage right now and for a great reason, it pulls toxins from your body and helps give your skin a healthy flush. I put this in smoothies to help remove bacteria and relieve inflammation. 

3.     Strawberries – If you’ve suffered from acne you probably already know this one but strawberries are a great way to get your daily dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important for skin health and are found in most berries, so eat up! 

4.     Lime – another great source of both antioxidants and vitamin C! My new-found acne fighter, I put a few slices of lime in my water for the day to keep my body hydrated while I fight off breakouts. 

5.     Turmeric – My personal favourite! While some find turmeric scary, it does wonders for the skin. Many use turmeric as a mask for acne and scarring but I love to drink it in a turmeric shot or as a tea when my skin feels congested or I feel a pimple coming up. After drinking turmeric, I wake up feeling refreshed and cleansed without a pimple in sight. 


It’s important to remember everyone struggles with acne in one way or another. Never feel ashamed of your skin as we all go through it, just listen to your body and hold your head up high. No matter what stage you are in, you’re beautiful!