Why Am I Saying Yes?

Saying yes is a choice.

Saying no is a choice.

Which do you decide?


As a people-pleaser, I often say yes too often and end up spreading myself thin, which more often than not results in one of two things: burn out or not being able to give 100% to the tasks at hand. Currently, I’m experiencing both of those... A lot of things have been pushed to the back-burner, and as a result I feel I’m disappointing people left right and center (HIH team, family, friends, not enough time on self-care), and the cherry on top is that I can’t seem to kick fatigue to the curb; this article is a tad cathartic.

Saying yes can be very appealing, imagine if an opportunity arises, friends want to make plans, family duty calls, ideas for side hustles start flowing... Especially if you’re an easily excitable person like me. The idea of opportunity excites me, when ideas or new goals for Healthy Is Hot strike I can feel my heart race with adrenaline, or when social engagements find their way to my inbox I envision what they’ll be like and quickly jump on the yes-train, but... There is value in being able to think before you say yes. There is immense self-control in not being impulsive, not letting the excitement be the deciding factor.

Next time you want to say yes to something, ask yourself: why am I saying yes?

If you can isolate your “why”: the motivation and purpose of taking on an extra job, attending an event, expanding your passion project or filling your calendar, this will illuminate if you are saying yes as a result of truly wanting to say yes, to please other people.

Saying yes has value. Make sure you give your choice the value it deserves.

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