10 Must Have Travel Apps

Hi HIH Family!


Travelling is one of those things that everyone has to do in their life time but it can still be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever go through … airports aren’t exactly a “stress free” environment to say the least. With travel and exploration being on everyone’s mind I want to share my must have travel apps that can help you get in your HIH moment or get your mind right in a new space.

For me, getting in my HIH moment allows me to think clearly while still feeling productive on a daily basis however, when I’m not at home I feel a little lost without my daily routine. So today, I want to share with you some apps that can help you make traveling easier or bring your HIH moment to you wherever you are in the world.



Now, when I’m traveling or in a new place my must have apps are Google Maps, AirBnb and Uber. Other than these apps I recommend:


1.    Headspace: Guided Meditation

This app is an interesting one. Meditation isn’t really something I incorporate in my every day routine but being in an unfamiliar place can be overwhelming. In this app, you can find coaches who guide you through meditation along with a sense of calm to get your mind straight so you can get a great night’s sleep.


2.    Sweatcoin

Now more than anything, this is the app that will bring you a little motivation when abroad even when you don’t want to. This app will pay you for getting in you HIH moment … that’s right! Even when you’re laying on that beach taking in those UV rays, getting in your steps can help you earn a little money in your pocket. Now as you all know this is definitely not a get rich quick plan, but it doesn’t hurt to make a few dollars while getting your sweat on!


3.    Keep – Home Workout Trainer

Keep is an interesting app, there are so many like it out there. Of course, you can always google a workout routine for inspiration but a lot of “at home” workout apps always have some sort of fee attached to it. Keep on the other hand allows you to do a lot for free. This app gives you someone who will guide you through a work out created for you!

4.    Carrot Rewards 

Carrot rewards is a lot like Sweatcoin, but the difference here is that it will work with your Fitbit to track your steps and exercise and in return it’ll give you Scene points. I love Scene points because who doesn’t love getting that free movie?


5.    Citymapper Transit Navigation

This app is more for those going international when traveling. Going to the other side of the world is daunting and can be expensive. But Citymapper can be great because you can download all your maps into one place and will help you get out a tough spot when your turn that corner that shouldn’t have been there.


6.    Hitlist

 I love Hitlist for exploration. I’m always looking into places that aren’t exactly feasible for me but Hitlist brings everything into one, you’re flights, accommodations and attractions! You can explore all your options for things to do during your down time all in one place. In this app you can also flag places that interest you and when the price is right it’ll notify you of everything that works with your budget.


7.    TripCase 

Now tripcase is the keeper of all things travel. I don’t know about you but whenever I’m traveling I always have my hands full with all the bags .. because I’m an over packer! With tripcase I find it so easy to incorporate my entire itinerary all in one place and I get to share all my flight information with my family and friends.


8.    Eatwith – Food Experiences

Eatwith definitely is that app that will allow you to have your eat pray love moment. In this app, you can eat like a local and can I say …. Food always is good for the soul! Indulge in all the local cuisine with this app no matter where in the world you go.


9.    Packr Travel Packing List

 So, as I confessed earlier, I am … an over packer. I feel like I will always forget something and it’s the worst when you’re not at home! So, this app is great because I have everything I could ever need in one place. When I begin the never-ending process of packing, I have a list all laid out for me according to my destination. This makes packing a lot easier because instead of laying out my itinerary trying to pack the day before I leave, I can easily just check everything off my list.


10. eDreams

Now eDreams is a lot like TripCase but it allows you to do more on the free version and who doesn’t like to get a little more for their buck! The only difference with this app is it accepted and only used in some airports in Europe so its great to be prepared!


Thank you HIH family for spending time with me today! I’m sorry if I sound a little like a commercial but when I do struggle when I’m not in a familiar place so I hope that these apps can help you in any way shape or form! Needless to say, … I’m also addicted to my phone so I wouldn’t be able to function in a strange place without it.


I hope that I inspired you to get in your HIH moment while traveling or at least helped you plan your next trip!


Until next time,