Favourite Wellness Podcasts

Hello all! 

Today I am going to share with you my favourite wellness podcasts with you!

I discovered podcasts a few years back when I was driving from Ottawa to the GTA almost every weekend when I was leading sailing coaching clinics, and I was bored of listening to music.

Now that I am living in a new city I go for a lot of walks and have become OBSESSED with podcasts. One of the main reasons I love podcasts is that sense of connection you get by hearing someone share their story. Personally, I connect more when I hear someone talk about their journey through their intonations, their passion, and I can understand their sentiment which is why I really love wellness podcasts.


Here are my top podcasts:

The food medic podcast

Dr Hazel Wallace has only just started her podcast and I am HOOKED. She is a Doctor with the NHS (UK Health Services) and is very passionate about sharing her knowledge. Her guests are specialized doctors in the field of which the podcast is focused on. They give an honest review of current trends and have the medical facts to back it up. Hazel herself is very passionate about nutrition, but she has had a guest from all domains. I was particularly interested in her interview with a gynecologist to talk about the time of the month issues. Something I really appreciate about her podcast is that they average around 30 minutes.

She has two books out called The Food Medic, and The Food Medic for Life.
Instagram @thefoodmedic


The Doctor’s Kitchen

Another NHS Doctor! Living in the UK has made me discover the locals. Dr Rupy Aujila is another Doctor very passionate about nutrition. He invites guests who are Doctors specialized in certain fields and they talk about how to feed the body for that certain concern. Examples of the topics are “eat to boost your brain”, “eat for your skin”, “eat for PCOS”, etc. This podcast covers many interesting topics and has beautiful insight as to how food can fuel your body in different ways. The magic of food is truly inspiring.


The balanced blonde podcast

Jordan is such an interesting person to listen to. She is SO strong and has been through a lot health wise. She has been trying to find a diagnosis for years now for what’s been happening to her body, which is something I can relate to. Her diagnosis has been made and she has Lyme Disease (along with many other diagnosis). Instead of feeling negative she is grateful because she has the answers she’s been waiting for, and has been sharing all the treatments she’s been going through to heal. 

She has so many guests from different wellness backgrounds from acupuncture, Ayurveda, reiki, yogis, nutrition, etc.

She has also written a book called Breaking Vegan where she talks about her Orthorexia. 

Instagram: @thebalancedblonde


Well Now

Well, let me talk to you now about getting well with Well Now. Well Now is a podcast brought to you by Saje Wellness (essential oil heaven) and they have a host who interviews a wide range of guests. What I really love about this podcast is that they have guests who are sharing their wellness story or struggle. They validate feelings we might be having, which is such an important part of healing. Well Now is also a Canadian podcast! The topics are also quite varied, but topical, so there is something for everyone.


The Ultimate Health Podcast

Another Canadian Podcast! Similar to the other podcasts, they have expert guests from all walks of life talking about their speciality.

I really love that they are Canadian because they will talk about products that are available in Canada. 

They also have quick tips on a Friday for short but sweet segments to increase your health game.

Wine & crime

Okay... this may not be a wellness podcast, but I will laugh cry while listening to this and we all know that laughing is so important! These 3 gals will talk about the wine of the day, the psychology behind their chosen crime topic, and then they talk about some true crime cases. 

The first episode I listened to was all about Canadian crime and it was hilarious! (Ep48)

I am proud to say that listening to these podcasts have really helped me along my wellness journey, and I have become so much more aware of what is out there. Health and wellness is multifaceted topic so it’s good to have different opinions on the topic. I said it before, but validation is such an important step in healing, and more often than not it's a struggle to get that validation or that diagnosis. Hearing testimonies and journeys have really helped me find some validation, and I hope you can have similar feelings <3.

Share with us what kind of podcasts you all listen to, or what you would love to hear in a podcast!

With happy vibes,