My Take on New years Resolutions


The start of a new year is a beautiful time. It's a universal feeling where everyone you can turn the page of one year to another and have a fresh start, which I find amazing. 

New years comes with many things, but new years resolutions is up there on the list of things that come to mind when I think about new years.  We have all heard of new years resolutions, it's that list of things we want to achieve within the coming year, but sometimes that list can bring some negative feelings to that joyful new start. 

Personally, I had a love/hate relationship with new years resolutions. I was always so excited to set new goals, to be a new person and improve myself, but those resolutions always brought stress and feelings of not being enough. 

I think the reason being was I was setting unrealistic resolutions and putting a lot of pressure on myself to achieve them, when in reality I needed to scale it back a bit and see what I could do to bring more joy to my life rather than try to perfect my life in an unrealistic way. 

So how have I changed my mindset towards new years resolutions?
Well I have tried to focus on intentions for the New Year, and things that will bring me health and happiness. 

Here are my 2018 resolutions: 

  • sleep better 

  • take care of a plant

  • hit 10k steps 3x a week

  • be more decisive 

  • cook more

  • be more productive, make to do lists 

  • drink more water 

  • practice gratitude daily 

  • new passion

  • travel

  • yoga 

So why did I put those words to paper as my resolutions? Let me explain a few…

I noticed my overall wellbeing was at it’s best while I was sleeping well. That is an umbrella term to make sure that I respected my sleep routine and put an effort into prioritizing good sleep behaviors.

Unfortunately, this year my sleep was a bit affected due to now sleeping with someone next to me in bed.  I think that's normal since sleeping next to someone every night needs a bit of an adjustment period.  


I have always loved cooking and baking, but for some reason became lazy in the kitchen I recent years. I was set to spend more time cooking from scratch, and this really helps with not worrying about having allergic reactions.. 

I am very happy to say that I have done a lot more cooking and have tried loads of new recipes! The big things I have started to make are sauces, as many sauces contain potato or tomato, which I am allergic to. 

Water, I don't know many people who actually drink enough water, but I really wanted to increase my water intake. 
I am happy to report I have increased that intake, but I think this will always be on my list of resolutions because I for sure can drink more.  

I find travelling is so important for the soul, but I am also a big believer that you don’t need to travel far to get that travel bliss. I am fortunate enough to have moved to Scotland and I have prioritized travelling this beautiful country this year in the form of weekend trips. 

Yoga is also one of my yearly resolutions. I love yoga, there is something so grounding about it and I find it can help in so many different ways. Earlier this year I had hurt my back after going for a run, and I was in agony and the only time I could find peace was while doing yoga. It was slow flows, and a lot of stretching, but for those days it was the only thing I could do and it not only helped me physically but also mentally. 

The holiday season is already such a stressful time and having those massive goals was just too much for me. I do like the idea of setting intentions for the New Year, and having goals to reach, but goals that are more attainable.

I have this list saved on my phone, and I look at it every so often to reflect back on those resolutions and intentions I have set. I like to look at that list and see what I have been doing instinctively. That’s how I like to look at new years resolutions, as things that I want to do and will naturally progress towards to become a happier and healthier Mary-Catherine. 

With happy vibes and well wishes for 2019, 

Mary-Catherine xx