Getting Over the January Blues

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Welcome to 2019 HIH fam!

Now that the high of the holiday season is over, the January blues have begun for me.
For as long as I can remember January always felt so long for me, and especially when I lived in Ottawa when it was usually a very cold month. It was always harder to get outside in January because it was so cold and hibernating always sounded more appealing…
As a preschool teacher I also found it hard because it is one of the only months where we don’t have a day to plan around (October – Halloween, November - Remembrance day, December – Christmas, January…vast emptiness of cold days stuck indoors). I think cabin fever is probably what causes those January blues for me, however I know a lot of people are surrounded by friends and loved ones during the holidays and January could also feel like a very lonely time. I know I felt that this year living in Scotland and not spending Christmas with my family for the first time in 29 years was emotionally difficult for me and that feeling is lingering.  

I do have some tips on how I pick myself up and get my mind set in a more positive space, and I’d love to share those tips with yourselves!

I love a good January fitness challenge
I have enticed my boyfriend to join me in an at home workout challenge for the month. While I was living in Ottawa with my bestie Rebecca we used to do these mini workout challenges and having someone else doing it with me kept me accountable and motivated.

Get planning
I can’t be the only one who loves getting things planned out for the year! I love getting trips sorted which really helps make January go in quickly. I’m excited to say that I have 3 trips planned, and more to come!
I also love getting a new agenda and planning things out that way.

Weekend plans
I really thrive to have something exciting in the books so that every week I have something small to look forward to. The first weekend of January I made sure to get out in town and get the last of the Christmas market fun here is Edinburgh. I do however think giving myself some lazy home time is also important, all about balance for this Libra!

Getting fresh air
This goes a bit without saying that spending time outside should be a priority, and sucking in all the vitamin sun. In Ottawa I used to make sure to allocate time to go skating on the canal, then my last year living there I was fortunate enough to live and work off the canal so I was skating home from work- the Canadian dream.

Focus on those New Year intentions
Whenever I am feeling a bit unmotivated I like to look back on those new year’s intentions I set and try to reset my mind-set to focus on my next step.

Indulge when needed
Yep, I went there. You just need to listen to yourself and sometimes that means treating yourself to something that you may not on a daily basis. My favourite way to indulge is to go to a nice little coffee shop and treat myself to a nice cup of coffee and a treat. I try to avoid going to a coffee shop on a daily basis to keep that aspect as a treat to myself.

Whatever you may do to get you through January, as long as you listen to your gut you are doing the right thing! Let me know what you do to get through those unmotivated days.

With happy vibes,

Mary-Catherine xx