Can Weight Training Make Women Bulky or Masculine?


It’s the age-old fitness horror story that’s circulated female fitness-related conversations for decades: Weight training makes females BULKY & masculine.

But is it actually true?

No way, sista! I’m here to tell you that this statement is absolutely FALSE.

For some reason, many women have this crazy idea that if they start lifting heavier weights, they’ll eventually turn into the Incredible Hulk. Sorry, but if it were THAT easy to build muscle, all of my personal trainers & I would seriously be out of a job.

Here’s why:


It’s impossible to gain an insane amount of muscle mass (naturally) without YEARS of hard work in the gym & a strict high-protein and high-calorie diet. Sure, your muscles will grow a little in a new strength training program, but “bulking up” is not something that happens by accident.

If you notice that you’re starting to look “bulky”, there’s a higher chance that this is actually due to fat gain or water retention than it is from muscle. Make sure you’re taking a good look at your calorie consumption and ensure that your balance of macronutrients reflects your overall health goals. (Talk to a nutritionist or dietitian if you’re needing help with this! Trust me, it’s worth all the time and frustration you’ll save trying to figure it out on your own.)


Research shows that women don’t gain muscle mass as easily as men because of their lower testosterone levels. That’s why, if you keep your calories controlled & consistently stick to a regular strength training program, over time, the female frame will actually become SMALLER (muscle takes up less space on the body than fat) and help to enhance your overall natural curves, making you look toned and tighter than before you started weight training.

Plus, the more muscle you have, the more energy your body requires. (And who doesn’t love being able to eat more food!?)

So don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights, ladies! Following a structured weight training program that’s designed with YOUR specific goals in mind will absolutely not make you bulky, but will only help to give you the lean, strong and “toned” physique that many women strive for.

With love and wellness,

Larissa Nicole


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