Getting Personal with my Skin Care Routine

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Last Week, I had the opportunity to host a Shoppers Drug Mart skin care event, and I came out of it feeling empowered, refreshed and excited about being healthy and focusing on ME in 2019. This event hit close to home for me and reminded me why I started the #HealthyisHot hashtag and community. 

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I loved being able to share the Healthy is Hot message as well as my personal journey and experiences with media guests and bloggers in attendance, and in return, I was so grateful that others were willing and open to share their own stories with me. It’s always interesting hearing about the ups, but also the downs (which we can all relate to) because,

at the end of the day, we’re all here to support each other in this journey. I think it’s safe to say that we are all striving to be our best selves – which means different things to different people, and THIS IS WHAT HEALTHY IS HOT IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE!

The evening was based around all things self-wellness including skin care; but in addition to the on-site beauty experts we probed with all our deepest and darkest skin questions, there was an amazing dietitian (who actually works for Shoppers Drug Mart - a new service they offer as the one-stop-shop for all things health and beauty), tea tastings and a tea sommelier, as well as mindful meditation sessions held by Emily from The Quiet Company to help garner wellness from the inside out. Not only did this event help me focus on my skin care routine so I can put my best face forward, but it also served as a reminder of different ways we can care for our bodies and minds.

One of the questions I was asked is... how do I balance a busy life with my full time job on television, creating and managing Healthy is Hot, travelling for work and for pleasure, my passion for volunteerism, and of course family, friends, and fitness.


The answer… organized chaos. Balance is a beautiful idea, but one I’ve never been able to achieve and hold on to, so for me, if I can find organization within the chaos, things are good!

But within organized chaos, one thing is always must - pushing myself and working on dedicating time to my mental and physical health. Otherwise it can be a vicious cycle; getting so caught up in work, putting every ounce of energy into other people and outside projects, being overwhelmed and busy with a million and one things, while ignoring the key things that ultimately keep you going so you can achieve it all. Because of how often I find myself on a plane, I’ve absorbed the importance of the message of the oxygen mask: to always, always, always put the mask on yourself before helping others. That relates to our lives. It’s not opportunistic; it’s all about efficiency, productivity, and putting yourself first so you can be there for other people. So I challenge you to reverse the order of your priorities and turn the formula upside down, put ME first. You deserve to be put first. I like to refer to this as a ‘ME’ focus (Myself Efficiency? haha).

 And no, I don’t think having a ME focus is selfish. I think having a ME focus allows you the opportunity to focus inward at a time when everyone is asking something from you, and really listen to what your body, mind, and spirit need — and act accordingly. Not only so you can keep going, but so that you can live fully.


Keeping with the theme of the Me focus, the way people define it and their ways to relax or destress are different. Personally, I do a combination of things depending on how I am feeling / where I am / etc., including meditation, yoga, drinking tea, traveling, some form of fitness, finding time for a #HIHmoment everyday (whether that’s fitness, nutrition, wellness, career building, or adventure), or social media breaks.

Giving back is another way I find I discover inner peace and feel rewarded. Recently, I signed on with FINCA Canada to become their national ambassador, advocating for women’s empowerment and economic inclusion. It may feel like a few hours a week would only make things more hectic, when in actual fact the time spent giving back can raise you up and give you strength. GO FIND SOMETHING TO GET INVOLVED IN, and let me know how you feel in a few weeks – I promise you won’t be disappointed. Sharing and helping others is one of those things that fosters a sense of community…and makes us stronger for it.


At the event, I was also asked how I manage to care for my skin when I have to wear a lot of makeup on set and also when I travel (we all know how dry and gross the air can be in planes). Taking care of my skin is an important part of my routine; when I’m not in full makeup for Etalk or events, I am sweating it out while finding my #HIHmoment. I also hit a milestone birthday this year and I’ve found that my skin has changed, so it’s important now more than ever to care for my skin properly!

Skin care, like people, is not a one-size-fits all. This is why I was so happy to get personal skin care advice from an expert at Shoppers Drug Mart! I had a personalized skin care consultation in store and, as it turns out, my skin is DE-HYDRATED! I honestly thought drinking water was enough and that I would rock my skin consultation.  

The beauty expert tested my moisture levels and even got an up-close (verrrrry close) and personal look at my skin to assess sun damage, presence of pollutants, etc. to get a better understanding of which products would best fit my needs and concerns. He was informative, friendly and recommended products I either already loved or had always wanted to try. Here’s what my personalized beauty Rx looked like:

SDM Chloe Wilde Consultation-97.jpg

Do yourself a favour, and prioritize YOU this year. From accomplishing your goals, to making an effort to live a Healthy Is Hot life, to allowing yourself to indulge in a skincare routine that is personalized for you...YOU deserve it.

This blog post is sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. Opinions are my own!