Saying No to Toxic Ingredients


Happy New Year HIH Family! In the new year, everyone has things they’d like to change, for me, this year I’d like to be more conscious about the ingredients in products I’m using. I’m not someone who is allergic to a lot of things or have sensitive skin so I wasn’t too picky when it came to the ingredients list in my products and as a girl … I use so many products on a daily basis!

Now does this mean I’m going to go 100% vegan and only use all natural products … probably not but I’d like the be more aware of the ingredients I’m putting on my skin and hair in 2019. A product that I’ve recently discovered is MONAT Hair’s Rejuveniqe Oil. A few weeks ago I first started to use this in my hair after styling which left my hair so silky and soft but after a few uses I realized that I could also use this on my skin to bring back some hydration during the winter. After reading the ingredients list I realized that this oil had no pars end, silicones or BHT which were all ingredients I was used to seeing in my hair products. Instead I saw coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and lemon oil. Now these were ingredients I knew were good for my hair and skin! 

I now use MONAT’s Rejuveniqe oil in many different ways such as, on my hair after styling to tame all my frizz but I’ve also started using the oil as a hair mask right before I was my hair. I saturate and leave it in my dry hair a few hours before washing my hair and let me hair absorb the oil, after my shower my hair is so touchably soft it’s incredible! I’ve also started to incorporate in my night time skin routine but I have to say it works the best under makeup to moisturize my skin during this cold winter! 

There’s something about knowing what’s in the products I use that gives me piece of mind. For now I’m just taking it one product at a time and I want to encourage my HIH family to do the same! In 2019 let’s start to say no to toxic ingredients and yes so the ingredients we want to put on our skin! 

I hope you take this challenge with me this year! 

Until next time,