Shape up your mental fitness with tips from KYO’s Marc Champagne


At this time of year, it’s typical to focus on physical workouts and aesthetics, but how is your mental fitness?

With a ton of tools, apps and journals, not to mention videos and programs like TED Talks that focus on productivity, positivity, self-reflection and growth it seems all we have to do is simply make time to commit to the practice. But it’s not always that easy and with so many options out there, where do you begin? It’s one of the things, Marc Champagne, co-founder of the app KYO wanted to help people with. KYO is a mental fitness app that combines curated content with guided self-reflection that you can use anywhere.

Marc shares with us more about the app and his tips on how to get started working on your mental fitness.


HIH: Who do you recommend KYO to?

Marc: Anyone can use KYO, but it is especially useful and meaningful for anyone looking to improve their mental fitness and cultivate a greater sense of wellbeing. It;s perfect for self-help enthusiasts looking to make a habit out of self-reflection and improvement.

HIH: How do you describe what KYO is to new users or people considering using the app?

Marc:  KYO is an app designed to help people elevate their mental fitness and improve their wellbeing through guided, daily self-reflection. It features exclusive content and interviews with wellness champions across all industries … Users pick and choose what content interests them most, then are prompted to answer questions about what they just read and how it relates to them.

HIH: How do you recommend someone gets started with KYO, especially if they've never journaled before?

Marc:  Make it a part of your morning or evening routine! People who are new to routines, and especially mindfulness, need simple, realistic ways they can dip into the lifestyle. Their first steps should be attainable ones. An app like KYO, for instance, is perfect for newcomers to journaling because it’s guided self-reflection.  You won’t find yourself staring at a blank page. There’s no pressure to fill an entire notebook. Instead, there are prompts to get you thinking and writing, everyday.

HIH: To you, what is mental fitness and how can we get better or get started at training our mentalities?

Marc:  To me, mental fitness means feeling prepared and confident to manage the day’s activities and stressors as they present themselves. It’s being assured that no matter what life throws at you, you know where your center is, and you have practical methods for grounding yourself. It’s no different from completing something physical. For example, if you’re running a race, it’s your consistent training that will get you to the finish line.

As with any habit, it becomes easier when you make it a part of your routine! Routines can help build mental fitness and give you a head-start on accomplishing your goals.


HIH:  For people who love to physically write things down, how do you get them to transition to an app?
Marc:  The idea is not to transition you off of something that is working but more so to complement your practice or get someone started who has never adopted a reflective practice. Our purpose is to stimulate daily reflection. This could simply be by leaving you with a powerful reflective question from the KYO Conversations Podcast which you reflect on, regardless of the method.


HIH:   Best advice on using the app and not getting distracted with other things on our smartphones? Marc:  We’re proponents of limiting your screen time and making the time you do spend on your devices more meaningful. This starts with you re-framing your relationship with your technology. You control it versus it controlling you. I only have notifications on my phone that will benefit my mind and body. Being able to pick up your phone knowing you will not be hit by endless distractions and me deciding where I want to go, is one of the most freeing feelings I’ve ever had.

Also, as I mentioned before, carving out five to ten minutes every day to make it a part of your routine will make it easier to focus. Reflecting consistently is the best way to realize its benefits in full.