Snowboarding > SAD


Hi HIH fam!! Chloe Wilde here :) 

We all know the feeling too well; fall starts to wind down and winter creeps in, the days get shorter and they sky seems to adopt a more-often-than-not grey aesthetic... Yes, there are moments of sunshine and blue skies, and those special days where there’s a snow-like blanket that covers the concrete jungle we call home... But sometimes, it’s just damn gloomy. 

That gloominess can seep into your mood, and for some, it can result in SAD; seasonal affective disorder. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with SAD, I think it’s safe to say we all get affected by the winter blues throughout our Canadian freeze-out. At Healthy Is Hot, we believe that health is comprised of 5 pillars, and one of those is very important to us as a community, but especially for me as an individual; mental health. 


How do I keep gloominess at bay during the chilly and dark months? Here are a few tools in my toolkit that help me: 

  1. Stay active and on top of your fitness (my goal is 5x/week, some of it HIIT and some of it yoga) 

  2. Say out loud what you are grateful for each day for 3-5minutes 

  3. Hibernate from the cold and get creative in the kitchen with exotic flavours 

  4. Sneak away for some sunshine if you can (I always keep an eye on flight deals), up next: Barcelona! 

  5. Light therapy (perfect for your desk at the office) 

  6. EMBRACE the cold and dive into some outdoor activities: tobogganing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing (still on my list!), snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc. 


Today? I did number 6. We spent the day snowboarding and had the BEST time. My cheeks are still flushed, my toes have officially defrosted and I can’t stop smiling. Tumbles and all, today was an amazing winter day. 

Bonus? I took care of two Healthy Is Hot pillars today, physical health and mental health. Winning.